WatchCartoonOnline – Official Sites, Best Alternatives in 2022 – Watch Free Cartoons Online

Do you think cartoons are only for kids? Well, this concept is very wrong? Animated shows and cartoons are not only for children but we adults also enjoy these things very well. It’s a different realm that is made up of our imagination. What never happens in the real world – the cartoonist makes it happen on the virtual platform.

Our childhood has enormous memories of watching cartoons and it’s continuing till date. No doubt animated movies are getting so famous day by day because of the creativeness and core meaning of the movie.

If your love for cartoons and animated movies has never faded away, then you might be aware of WatchCartoonOnline. It’s one of the famous entertaining websites which is full of cartoons and animated movies. Let us expand beyond this realm and find out more alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline.

1. CartoonCrazy


Do not stay limited to cartoons only when you can also watch Anime. Take a shot on CartoonCrazy for an amazing experience. Stream new episodes of cartoons and anime series on any device.

This website is a well-known platform among cartoon lovers. It can offer a variety of categories that will keep you entertained for a long time. Just one click and your favorite show will be played on the screen of your device.

No need to worry about the language barrier because all the videos are dubbed in English including the anime shows. This single platform is suitable for children as well as adults. From old classic cartoons to the new ones, you will get everything on CartoonCrazy.

2. SuperCartoons


When it comes to cartoons we recollect our childhood memories. Cartoons are not only connected to children but also adults. SuperCartoons is the perfect platform where you can fulfill all your desire.

SuperCartoons is an online streaming platform, where you can watch thousands of shows for free – no need to pay any single amount for that. SuperCartoons offers classic shows like Lonny Tunes, Ben Ten, Oswald, Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck, and many other legendary cartoons.

All you need to do – is browse this superb website on the internet for getting unlimited content. No need to create an account, you can watch without logging into the website. The menu on the top of the home screen will take you to your favorite content. So, now you can watch all your favorite cartoon series from SuperCartoons.

3. Cartoni Online

Cartoni Online

Nowadays, the demand for cartoons is rising day by day. People from different age groups are enjoying cartoons and animated series. Among these websites, Cartoni Online has become well-known for its variety of content and fabulous services.

Cartoni Online is an online streaming platform, which provides several categories of content like TV shows, animated series, animated movies, etc. All the contents are updated frequently so that you can enjoy your favorite animated series of cartoons.

You will be amazed that the Cartoni Online website provides all the services for free. No need to create an account to access the features. Just a stable internet connection will let you watch every video. The beautifully designed home page will make your search easier. Type the name and start watching whatever you like.

4. KissCartoon


Since we are in search of an ultimate alternative to an online cartoon streaming site, let us try out KissCartoon. This amazing website will be at your service whenever you browse it.

No need to create a new account or pay for the videos. The user can simply reach the website and start watching whatever they like. You can also take suggestions from the home screen of KissCartoon. Do not miss out on this amazing chance. Your favorite shows from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Pogo, and any other famous channels are on this single platform.  

The simple and less-complicated interface of KissCartoon makes the search easy. From children to adults, anyone will be able to handle this website. The compatibility of KissCartoon with other devices like phones, laptops, or tabs is very impressive.

5. YouTube


YouTube is one of the biggest tech giants on the planet. Nowadays, YouTube has made our life easier. No doubt, it is one of the biggest video-sharing services where a user can watch, share, like, comment, and upload their videos. It is the second most visited website in the world and still functions finely to provide all the services to its users free of cost.

You can watch whatever you want – there are various contents available here. You can find content for every age group on this website. The cartoons-sows of Nickelodeon, Pogo, and Cartoon Network are features here. You can also find other animated videos for entertainment. Just a search and you can get multiple options from different YouTube channels. It is the perfect source of entertainment.

You can also get an application for YouTube, which can function on Android and iOS devices. You just need to update it from time to time. The user-friendly features attract users to visit the websites frequently. Anyone can use YouTube. Many cartoon shows are available on this platform for teaching children. There is also a feature for parental control. You don’t need to create a separate account for this website. You can watch all your favorite content for free.

6. CONtv


When it comes to cartoons and comics, CONtv might be your best option to go for. This similar site to WatchCartoonOnline is an amazing video-streaming platform, where you can stream all the animated content for free. There is a separate section for children. Find out a variety of impressive genres. The extended library of cartoons and anime will amaze you. There are thousands of animated shows, series, and movies.

The content of the website will fulfill all your cravings for entertainment. These amazing animated series will give you a super thrilling experience. This website is not only for kids but also for adults. You can watch top-rated animated series like Street Fighter, Early and Fairy, Beyblade, and many more.

You just need to signup on to the website to access all the contents. CONtv has a finely crafted home screen that will give you a friendly experience. The menu button on the top-right side of the screen will take you to different tabs. This website is very safe and secure. Some of the premium content is paid; you have to pay to access them. Overall a compact design and easy-going application of CONtv will never disappoint you.

7. Disney Video

Disney Video

Why should you stick to one site, when you have so many alternatives for WatchCartoonOnline. Let us take a look at Disney Videos. This website is all you need to get entertained and stay connected to your golden experiences of childhood.

Every child has watched shows from Disney – our childhood revolves around this channel and the multiple shows hosted by it. No matter how much we grow up, we still crave such entertainment. So here we have Disney Videos for you. Now, be happy and entertain the little members of your family too. Try out this website for all the videos.

Disney Videos is all you need to stay updated with all the shows from Disney. Watch cartoons and shows hosted by this channel; shop different franchise items from this website. You just need to create an account to access the content from Disney Videos.

8. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

Let us introduce the king among all cartoon channels and websites. Cartoon Network is one of the prominent sites that provide cartoons and animated series. The Cartoon network is famous for its shows like Ben10, Tom and Jerry, Dragon Ball, and many more. How can we forget about our childhood?

The Cartoon Network website never compromises with its content. On this website, you can get all your desired cartoon shows and animated series. On this website, you can play entertaining video games. The home screen involves distinct tabs. Cartoon Network is going to give you a thrilling experience. The quality of the videos is very good. Get the latest and old collections at the same time.

You don’t need to create an account to access Cartoon Networking content. All the content and games are free for us. You can play whatever you want. The Cartoon Network website is a complete package of entertainment. Just browse the website and recall all your childhood memories.

9. Disney Now

Disney Now

Let it be Disney channel or Disney Land, we have known this name for ages. Our childhood has witnessed the awesomeness of Disney cartoons and anime. The largest cartoon and animated series content provider – Disney is well known for its original content. Do you think cartoons and animated series are only for kids? No! You might be wrong. Hence Disney Now proved content for both children and adults.

Disney Now is an online stream website. You can find all your preferred content on this single website. With a single click and you can access the impressive features of Disney Now. Disney Now is all-time great in providing kids-related content. Your child will enjoy it a lot through this website.

You don’t need to create an account to watch all its content. You can watch by simple browsing. The user-friendly home screen makes the searching process very smooth. The website will give a suitable feeling that is no less than any application.

You can download the Disney Now application also. Simply, enjoy all the content on your television’s large screen. Some of the content is free and you can access it directly but for some Disney original content, you have to take up a subscription plan.

10. Anime Flavour

Anime Flavour

Want to watch some amazing anime series and movies online? Don’t want to pay for the subscription? Then check out this amazing website – Anime Flavour. This is all you need to watch your favorite anime shows online for free.

Anime Flavour may look very simple but you will be amazed by its wide range of content. Start searching for your favorite video alphabetically or through the search bar. This website is popular among anime and cartoon lovers for its user-friendly interface and amazing services. Just a proper internet connection is required to access Anime Flavour. 

All your favorite shows will be available here and you can also read the summary at the bottom. Know about the date of release and you can also leave a comment after watching every anime series. It is an independent site and compatible with many devices.



1. How do I identify if the online cartoon streaming site is legal or fraudulent?

These days, illegal sites have become very common and we have to face these issues every time we search for something on the internet; to get rid of these hoax sites, you can simply avoid those asks for personal details and redirect you to other online sites for streaming videos.

2. How do I hide my IP address while browsing or downloading cartoons online?

In case the server does not work properly or you want to hide the IP address, then there is a simple way for each and every one – try out the simple method of turning on the VPN while you watch online cartoons on any of these alternative sites of WatchCartoonOnline.

3. Do I need to create an official account for these alternatives, to watch my favorite shows online?

No need to create an account because most of these alternatives will allow you to access all the content for free and will never fool you with the hidden charges.

4. Why am I not able to access WatchCartoonOnline anymore?

WatchCartoonOnline is a very popular cartoon streaming site but unfortunately due to some technical glitches this site is not available; there is no notification about its return.


Aren’t you excited to try out these alternatives and watch your favorite cartoons online? Let’s bring our childhood memories back and have lots of fun with our family members. How can you forget about our favorite shows which give us so much joy when we were little? These alternatives of WatchCartoonOnline are proper solutions for the little members of your family, who cannot live without watching any cartoons.