TheWatchSeries Alternatives to Watch TV Series Online in 2022

When talking about movie watching, safe and free don’t always go hand in hand. There are a few safe sites that require you to pay a price. Mostly, sites can be used for free, but they have their risks. It is not easy to locate a site where you can watch movies and TV series smoothly, safely, and for free. If you’ve been looking for such a site, you must try WatchSeries. It provides users with numerous web series and TV shows in HD quality with no registration, no payment, and no ads. 

WatchSeries is such a site where users can stream and download the series and TV shows at no price. Though this site can be used for free, it has features and content like some of the premium sites. It showcases a huge database of series and TV shows with many titles. All videos are uploaded in HD quality with several subtitles for your convenience. Apart from the vast content library, it also provides free service with many exciting features. 

However, sometimes you may find this site stops working. In such cases, y

1. SideReel


SideReel has many advantages including a huge library comprising of TV series and TV shows which can cater to the needs of all users. What makes this site more unique is the fact that it allows users to write reviews for anything they watch. 

Though some of these features may need you to sign up on the platform it is not mandatory. People who don’t want to share personal details might not be willing to sign up on this platform. That’s not as big a concern because you can watch a lot of content on this platform too. 

The trending TV shows can be seen on top, you can search for TV shows or movies based on genre, among the rest of the filters. This is one of the best WatchSeries alternatives because of the features. You can use this site for free as no cost is required in the free version. However, if you use the paid service, you’ll have to pay any amount. 

2. Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner is another streaming site that allows you to watch full-length web series, TV shows, and movies in HD. The site has a dark background that allows you to deep dive into the content you watch. Just like most film streaming sites, it has a wide collection of series and TV shows which are divided into various genres. 

Every genre available on this site has its content to stream and watch. There is another category where you will find all the latest movies and TV shows. To make this site wholesome, there are other features like an algorithm that gives you suggestions. It suggests movie series based on your likes and preferences. You can access all the features offered on this site without having to sign up. 

This streaming site includes all basic as well as premium features like full-length videos, search box, TV news, index of trending shows, dark interface, etc. If you want to watch a series in HD visuals, do give this site a try and it will be worth your shot. 

3. HBO


HBO allows its premium users to access the entire HBO content that includes all present and old shows, movies, games, etc. You can also watch HBO specials on its website or app. This allows you to watch the premiers as soon as they’re shown on TV networks. Also, each scene of an HBO show can be watched. 

This platform is exclusively developed for users who enjoy streaming content online as they can stream from anywhere in the world. It has a huge selection of unique movies and shows which have various genres. You’ll find several movies and series in every genre that can be streamed easily. 

The best part about HBO is that it provides upgraded software that can save a lot of your time in discovering content to watch. The website has other highlights like VOD, watch list, subtitles, an easy interface, etc. 

4. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

This is undeniably one of the best alternatives to WatchSeries in terms of streaming series. It has many plus points, the biggest being 100% legal and free to use. The owner of this site is Sony Pictures which means you will find some of the classic movies owned by Sony. Apart from this, users can find exclusive content on this platform. 

There are no ads on Crackle which is the reason the user experience on this site is so smooth. However, ads are a thing that WatchSeries users are familiar with, so this is not a concern for many users. 

The best thing about this site is that users don’t have to sign up to watch content. Though, by creating an account, you can get many benefits like knowing which shows you’ve watched already. It also offers some easy controls. 

5. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a very useful site that can be used as an alternative for TheWatchSeries. You can use it to stream as many series as you want on this site. It shows a vast database comprising free content in different genres. This site will please you with its design and layout. The huge collection of watchable series gets updated regularly.

You don’t need any membership fee to watch shows and motion pictures on this site. Creating an account on this site will just increase your access to added content. You’ll also receive alerts when something new is added to the database. 

You may find a few ads sometimes on this site but that is very rare. Many times, the site has been upheld and advertisements have been removed. However, you don’t need to bother about the ads as they are very less in number. 

6. Hulu


Hulu is one of the safest alternatives to TheWatchSeries and the best streaming site to watch web series. It is an awesome choice among the rest of the alternatives because of a lot of reasons. It features only selected content in the premium version which requires membership. 

Most of its content is available to watch for free in the unpaid version. It allows only premium users to download content for offline viewing. You can also find some of the Hulu originals in the version whereas; others are in the premium version.

You must use this site if you’re looking for a one-stop destination to watch movies and unlimited series. In the premium version, it offers a lot of benefits. The premium service on this platform is very low cost and you don’t need to pay a hefty amount to become a premium member. 

7. FMovies


If you don’t know about Fmovies, then you have missed so much entertainment. Sites like this provide free service to watch the most recent or oldest released movies and series. This is why you can consider it to be a perfect alternative to TheWatchSeries. 

You can stream series and movies in HD quality without dealing with any ads. It allows navigating fast and easily and displays a search bar right in the middle. You don’t necessarily have to register or log in as it is not mandatory. 

You can find IMDB ratings for each content and can also filter content based on genre and other filters. You can use this site completely free without having to pay any money. It is a very well-designed site and keeps the content organized.

8. Big Star

Big Star 

Big Star is best suited as an alternative to WatchSeries due to its easy functionality and huge collection. The website has a user-friendly design and layout. However, you may feel annoyed with a few ads at times. 

But on the other side, the services are free to avail. The collection of the site is very unique and comprises both movies and TV at the same time. You can watch your desired series in many languages on this site as it is multilingual and supports different languages including Hindi and English. 

It offers HD content in each genre like comedy, horror, emotional, romantic, thriller, and many more. With so many advantages and just a bit of hassle in the form of ads, the site is worth a shot. 

9. PrimeWire


PrimeWire is just as amazing as TheWatchSeries. It has many exciting features and an updated selection of movies and series. It is an outstanding alternative to WatchSeries. Similar to WatchSeries, Primewire is completely free to use. The best thing about this website is that there are no ads on this site. 

It is very easy to navigate through the content of this site. It shows specific details of IMDB ratings and other information about movies and series you watch. It also allows you to share your feedback or reviews for every content that you want on this site. 

The movies and series are classified into various genres making it easy for users to find out their desired content to watch. You can also use this site to download movies and series to watch later.

10. Putlocker



By the name of this site, you must not think that it locks superb content. It allows you to watch excellent TV shows and web series for free. Not only sitcoms and shows, but you can use this site to watch movies too. 

It is the best alternative to WatchSeries. You can watch anything on this site including new releases or old classics. You don’t have to pay a single rupee to browse content on this site. No matter in which mood you are, you can find something to watch for every mood you’re in. 

This site is very user-friendly and free to use. You can navigate from one page to the other very easily on this site. You’ll be able to view all categories on the homepage itself. There are different categories in which series and movies are divided on this site. 



1. Is WatchSeries a legal site? 

WatchSeries can’t be regarded completely as a legal site as it has pirated content. But, that doesn’t mean you have to worry about civil or criminal charges. WatchSeries is completely legal when you use it for streaming TV series and movies. 

2. Can you download TV series from WatchSeries?

As per the copyright laws, you might fall into trouble only when you share or download pirated links. However, if you still want to download content to watch it later, you are advised to use VPN to maintain anonymity. 

3. Why does WatchSeries stop working at times?

There can be timed when you’re not able to access the WatchSeries website as it is under temporary maintenance. However, in such a situation, you need not worry and it is recommended that you wait for a few hours after you revisit the site.

4. Why is WatchSeries so popular for watching TV series?

WatchSeries specializes in TV series and that’s why it is preferred more by people. Though it has movies and other categories of content, it has a huge collection of TV series. There are very high chances for you to find your desired TV series by entering its name in the search bar. 


That’s all you should know about the WatchSeries website and its alternatives. You can use any one of these alternatives to watch your favorite TV series when the site isn’t working. All these alternatives are very much similar to WatchSeries in a lot of aspects. Some of them are even better and you’ll realize the difference when you use these alternative sites. Most of the above-mentioned sites have a unique range of TV series. 

You will find different genres and languages of TV series including Hindi, English, and others. The user interface of these sites is simple to understand and you can also do the site navigation very easily.