10 Stream2Watch Alternatives for Watching Sports Online in 2022

When you go on the internet to look for streaming platforms, finding movie and TV show streaming websites is quite easy. Not only are they easily accessible, but they are also available in abundance. However, what about the sports streaming websites?

We can’t forego the fact that there are quite a few available and Stream2Watch is probably on the top of the list. It is a 100% free online sports streaming website where you can binge-watch your favorite sports events on.

However, since most of its available content is sourced from copyrighted third-party sources, don’t be surprised if it’s banned or restricted in your country. It is a very common issue, which is why keeping a list of alternatives is ideal. This enables you to fall back on a website even if one is banned due to copyright or piracy issues.

Unlike the movie streaming platforms, the Sports streaming websites are not that actively banned. So, you should be able to stream your favorite sporting events without needing to worry about much. That aside this article will explore some of the top Stream2Watch alternatives that you can look into.

1. SportP2P


Let us preface this by saying that SportP2P isn’t a legal streaming platform. So, don’t be surprised if the URL of the website seems a little shady and unencrypted. This is to bypass the lurking on the internet and prevent the website from getting banned.

Besides that, SportP2P is no doubt an amazing platform to watch sports online without any compromise at all. It is a 100% free streaming website where you don’t even have to sign up or register, so that’s a bonus too. 

The good thing about this website is the organization. Not only is everything categorized, but you also get access to the live sports events around 30 minutes before it is about to start. This allows you to stay online on the link and stream the sports like you would with a live TV event.

The overall UI and UX of the website are promising. Nothing is too complicated and navigating through the website isn’t painful as well. However, the best part of the equation is the lack of ads on the website.

2. Mama HD


As unrealistic as the name of the website sounds, it is a sports streaming platform. If you are particularly looking for a lightweight, fast-loading, and reliable sports streaming website, Mama HD lives up to your expectations.

It is a very simple and minimal website that offers almost every kind of sports streaming event on the website. Every single stream is in HD quality, so it lives up to its name. Also, none of the streams of the events are stored on the website, so you’d have to watch them in real-time, which needs prior planning.

Not only is the website 100% free, but it also doesn’t sport any ads on it, which is a bonus. Also, the users don’t have to create an account on the platform to access the content. However, if you face any issues with the website and want to connect with the customer service, we’d recommend foregoing that thought.

3. Live TV

Live TV

Much like Stream2Watch, even Live TV is often subjected to bans and restrictions in certain countries. However, the good thing about this website is that it has a lot of backup mirror and proxy websites. Even if the primary streaming website is down, the proxy websites make up for the same.

It hosts almost every category of sports events that you can find happening on live TV. However, the streams aren’t stored on the website, which means that you need to watch them in real-time. The good thing is that the links to watch the events are available on the website beforehand so you don’t have to face issues later.

There are two ways to watch the streams. You can watch them via their video player on the website or you can watch them from the source. We’d recommend sticking to the former option since the latter is chargeable.

4. WiziWig


WiziWig is not your staple streaming website like Stream2Watch. You won’t be able to stream any of the sports events happening directly from the website since they don’t have media player support on the website. However, the good thing about the website is the fact that it lists out all the links in one place.

So, irrespective of the category of sporting event or the type of content you wish to watch, chances are that you will be able to find just about everything on this platform. Even if you have access to Stream2Watch, we’d recommend bookmarking this website for future use.

It serves as a directory for all the live sports events that are either currently happening or will be live in the coming days. It’s an excellent and very helpful website. Very rarely will you find them hosting live TV shows too.

5. First Row Sports


If there’s one alternative to Stream2Watch that lives up to the expectations and similarities in the features, it is First Row Sports. The website has been around for quite a few years now and offers some of the absolute best streaming experiences without any lags or delays. 

Besides the staple sporting events, the website hosts unique sports like Ice Hockey and even the Olympics; if that’s something you are looking to stream. The website offers the users the first-row experience, further living up to the name of its platform.

However, unlike the previous sports streaming websites, we have mentioned before, this one is infiltrated with ads, which can be a little challenging to navigate through. The good thing is that the ads aren’t intrusive, especially when you are streaming the content.

6. CricFree


Next up on the list of the best sports streaming website is CricFree. Don’t go by the name thinking that the website only hosts cricket events. That’s not the case at all. You can easily find a range of amazing sports events and content on the website, which makes a seamless global streaming experience like no other.

Overall, the website is very functional and keeps you hooked from the get-go. Not once will you have to worry about getting stuck while scrolling and navigating through the website.

Every stream on the website is in HD resolution, so you won’t even realize that you are streaming it on a 100% free website. Despite having millions of traffic to the website, the page loading speed is quite promising as well. Not once will you have to complain about the website buffering.

Also, a unique trait of the website is the separate chat rooms. If you want to discuss the progression of the event on the side, you can seamlessly do so without any compromise at all. However, if you want to join the chat rooms, you will need to create an account.

7. VIP League

VIP League

Think about any sports event that you want and chances are that the same is available on VIP League. The website is 100% unique, safe, and versatile, enabling you to come online and stream the event of your choice. There is N number of categories that you can choose from.

Besides the versatility of the website, everything is quite basic, especially when it comes to the streaming experience. The resolution is decent and enables you to watch the progression of the sports without any buffers.

It is a 100% free sports streaming website; however, you need to realize that it also doesn’t require you to open up an account on the side. However, we’d recommend accessing the website via a VPN service for optimal security and privacy online. If possible, enable your antivirus software too.

8. Stop Stream

Stop Stream

Although the website’s name sounds like an antagonist, it is hands down one of the most sought-after sports streaming platforms after Stream2Watch. The high-quality and high-resolution streaming experience on the website is beyond everyone’s expectations.

Also, like most of the other sports streaming websites online, Stop Stream is a 100% free platform that doesn’t require you to create an account for you to get started with it. You can easily get on the website and kickstart your streaming experience without any kinds of hindering ads in the middle.

Besides its streaming option, the platform has a separate live TV channel that you can access if you feel the need for it. Overall, the website is one of the most promising options in the lot that can seamlessly fulfill all of your streaming regulations without any compromise.

9. Sport Lemon


Sport Lemon is one of the simplest, yet most accommodating sports streaming websites that are available online. Not only do you get to enjoy some of your favorite live sports events, but the website also hosts live TV support that you can scroll through and binge according to your needs and requirements.

It is a very monochromatic website, which means that you will not once have to worry about the credibility or the seamless navigation through this website. It doesn’t have any ads on the website, which ensures optimal security and keeps your privacy intact too.

No longer will you have to worry about downloading ad blockers to stream your favorite sports without getting interrupted in the middle of it. They don’t save their streams to the website, so the only way for you to keep us is by watching them in real-time. 

Besides being a free website, it also doesn’t demand any kinds of sign-up or registration, which further adds to the benefit and credibility of this streaming platform.

10. Sports RAR

Sports RAR

Last but not least is Sports RAR. Despite being a free sports streaming website, it hosts all the premium features that you would normally expect from a paid streaming platform. But, the good news is that you don’t have to pay a dime for it. 

You do need to witness a few pop-up ads here and there on the website. However, they aren’t very frequent or intrusive, so you can easily bypass them and enjoy the seamless streaming experience without any hassle at all.

However, if you are one of those people that don’t enjoy ads at all, we’d recommend enabling an ad-blocker so you don’t have to experience those. Besides that, there are multiple categories of sports events to choose from. You have live shows and even the different sports categories for you to choose stream the content from.

Unlike most of the other streaming websites, this one keeps track and saves all of previously or recently streamed content. This ensures that you won’t have to worry about not watching it in real-time, which is quite good.



1. Is Stream2Watch legal?

The main reason why Stream2Watch is unavailable in certain countries is due to piracy and copyright issues. They host their content from copyrighted sources, so none of their streamable content is legally available.

2. Is Stream2Watch a safe website?

Stream2Watch is a free and safe sports streaming website. Despite the legal issues, the website doesn’t require the user to register or share any personal information. Also, there are very less intrusive ads, so none of your data is at stake.

3. Is Stream2Watch available globally?

Stream2Watch is generally available worldwide. However, due to legal reasons, there are chances that the website might not be avowable in certain countries. In that case, we’d recommend looking into the proxy or mirror website or the alternatives we have sorted.

4. Is Stream2Watch a free streaming website?

Yes, the website is free and doesn’t require any user to open an account to use their streaming services.


Stream2Watch is no doubt one of the best sports streaming websites. However, it might be banned or limited where you live. If that’s the case, we’d recommend you look into the alternatives mentioned in the article. Keep a few bookmarked so you can fall back on one website if the other doesn’t work at the moment.