Seven New Features Introduced By Instagram: Everything You Need To Know

It is needless to say that Instagram is one of the most successful social media apps in the world. It has millions of users all across the globe.

Since the time Instagram is integrated with Messenger, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has been paying a lot of attention to it.

Last year, Adam Mosseri, Instagram head informed the company that they will be focusing more on messaging. He said that messaging is the most important aspect as it helps people communicate with each other online.

Recently, the company introduced seven new features, all related to messaging. These features are included to improve the overall messaging experience of users on their Instagram account.

Here are the details of the features:

  • Reply while browsing

This is a handy feature that allows users to reply to messages without leaving their feed. In other words, it let users reply without opening their inbox. Before this feature, users had to go to their inbox to read and reply to their messages.

See who’s online

Instagram inbox now features who’s online at the top. The company has made sure that the design and interface of the inbox is similar to Facebook Messenger.

  • Share media with friends

Instagram has also added a new “quick share” function that allows users to share their posts including images, reels, or videos with their contacts. This new feature is integrated into the send key, located at the bottom of every post on Instagram. However, this feature was already available on Instagram even before the announcement was made.

  • Send messages quietly

This feature allows users to send messages without notifying friends when they are busy or late at night. For this feature to work, users need to add @silent in their message.

  • Play, pause, & re-play

Instagram now allow users to share 30-second preview of songs from Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple Music. The person receiving the track can hear it directly from their chat window.

  • Lo-fi chat theme

There is a new lo-fi chat theme available on Instagram. It is aimed to make conversations more personal. However, this feature is not yet available in every country. But it is expected that Instagram will soon release it everywhere else.

  • Collaborate and create a poll

This is a popular group chat feature that is now available on Instagram. It let users create polls directly in their group chat.