Pubfilm – Does it Work in 2022? 10 Best Alternatives to Watch Free Movies  

People around the globe love to watch movies and this is a reason why streaming platforms have been growing rapidly for the past few years. Pubfilm is also a popular streaming site that was available in the US since 2014. The website was quite popular because it allowed users to stream all their favorite movies for free in high quality. The website faced some issues with the law regarding copyright.  

Numerous domains are running with Pubfilm which makes sure that users can enjoy all the latest movies free of cost. From the beginning, the website was successfully able to maintain its credibility and popularity as one of the best free streaming platforms in the US.   

The government tried shutting the website down in 2018 but the website still managed to survive. Here in this article, we will talk about a few of the alternatives that you can go for while streaming movies online. All the websites listed here are saved and users will not have to worry about piracy and copyrights.

1. Putlocker

This is a website that is an alternative to Pubfilm and is known for being quite versatile when it comes to content. The website has one of the biggest inventories of movies. The content library of Putlocker and Pubfilm is quite similar. Both websites have a great collection of English movies that attack people from all around the world.  

This website is known for not only having a good collection of movies but also TV shows. The user interface is kept clean and it is quite easy for everyone to look for all their favorite content. The inventory of the website is updated regularly with high-quality movies and shows. 

The best part about using Putlocker is that it is available for free. Users might have to watch a few ads in between but the content is all in high definition. All the movies are categorized according to genres so looking for movies gets quite easy with Putlocker.  

2. 123Movies

This is a movie website that keeps on updating new movies every single day. The site has a huge inventory of Hollywood movies that users will be able to watch. The homepage of this website has categorized all the content into different genres making it easier and more convenient for the users.   

The search bar of the website is also advanced which is why users will be able to search by the name of the movie or TV show. Users will be able to choose a country from where any TV show has been released. All the top-ranking shows are listed here on this streaming site.   

The website is known for changing domains quite frequently but it has been able to stay relevant in the market for a long. When watching content from this website, make sure to put the graphics settings high to enjoy them in high definition.  

3. Vumoo

This is a website that is very popular if you are looking for rare movies. The website has movies in different languages making it quite diverse. The platform does not come with ads so users can experience an ad-free movie here.

The website is quite simple and smooth with almost no bugs or errors. The titles might not be quite organized as you would expect but you surely will be able to find the one you want to watch. Users will also not require any kind of account to login into this website.

Most of the titles here on this website are of good quality but they are not in high definition. Users are recommended to watch most of the movies on this website in standard resolution.

4. Hotstar

This is a website that has both free as well as paid content. Users will be able to enjoy the premium content only when they have a premium subscription. Users will not have to log in if they want to enjoy the free content. Premium content needs a valid login credential.   

The main reason for the popularity of this website is because it offers titles from Disney. The free content inventory is not that rich but once you have a premium membership you will be able to find almost everything.

The platform is regularly updated by the developers and content is added almost every day. All the movies and shows are quite well organized and users will easily be able to download the content they want and watch them later in offline mode. Each download has an expiry date so make sure to watch the downloaded content before it expires.

5. FMovies

This is one of the most interesting movie streaming platforms out there in the market with one of the biggest inventories. The website graphics are quite fun to look at it surely looks like professional developers have worked on this website. The navigation of the site is very simple and finding content is also quite convenient.  

Users will not require any kind of login credentials when they are watching movies here on this website. The website has a few ads but they do not end up running the experience of watching movies.

Most of the content available here on this website are in high definition and users will be able to stream the entire latest movie in high definition for free. The website creators have made sure to regularly update the titles so that users never run out of good movies to watch  

6. Kanopy

This is specifically for users who are members of a library. On this website, users will be able to register and enjoy borrowing copies of different movies they want to watch. The site is completely free from any kind of ads. If you borrow content you have to watch it almost instantly.  

The validity of the content on this website is up to 3 days for borrowed movies. Users will be able to save the copy to their device and watch it within the timespan. Once the period is over the movie will automatically get removed.  

The features of the website are quite limited and it does not support all libraries in the world. This is considered to be quite popular amongst students who need to watch movies for different educational purposes.  

7. SolarMovie

If you are looking for a streaming service that is as good as Netflix and has a vast variety of movies and TV shows like Pubfilm then this is the right choice. A lot of work has gone behind the web design of SolarMovie.

The website has some ads on it but all of them are tolerable. On this website, no account creation is required. The movies on this website are all in HD and the inventory is very much similar to FMovies. If you are streaming the movies from this website, they are generally always quite smooth. If you have decent internet, you will be able to enjoy any movie in high definition without any kind of buffering.

This streaming platform is available for free and till now there has not been any kind of history of copyright infringement which is quite impressive for such a platform.   

8. Yify Movies

This is one of the most versatile websites in the link as it not only has movies and TV shows available for download but it also has a huge collection of games available. The developers of the website have kept the website as simple as possible with the largest library of TV shows.  

The website allows users to download and watch content for free but it surely comes with some ads. The ads have been kept to a minimum and all the movies can run even when the speed is quite slow. The site size has been kept small so that it can load quickly.  

If you are starting to watch a movie the first couple of minutes might be a bit slow and it might end up buffering but after that, the movie-watching experience will be quite smooth. The developers keep updating the moves regularly making it quite fun to use for everyone.  

9. ZMovies

ZMovies is a website that comes with a lot of good graphics and attractive web design. The site is known for giving out a millennial vibe because of the color pallet chosen by the developers. The website is known to be quite fast and it loads all the movies and shows instantly. The website has one of the biggest inventories of the latest movies available which is why it has a lot of traffic daily.  

Users will not have to create any kind of account when they are on this website. They can simply click on the movie they want to watch and start watching. The site also has a lot of classic titles which attracts people from all age groups.   

The movie title is known to be quite well organized. The streaming quality and video quality are also quite good with ZMovies. The site is updated regularly giving users a bug and error-free experience. All the titles of the movies are well organized making it easier for people to find what they are looking for here.  

10. Vudu

This is a premium website for streaming where users will be able to create an account of their own and watch all the exclusive content they want. Since the content here is all premium users will not have to watch any kind of ads when watching any movies or shows. The site has been designed and maintained by a team of professionals which attracts users. 

There is free content available on this website so users will also be able to enjoy a lot of content without having to pay for the premium membership. The website has a mix of latest as well as classic movies which makes it popular amongst people of all age groups.  

The most exciting thing about this website is that it has few contents available in 4K which makes the watching experience quite remarkable. If you have a 4K screen you should consider watching content from this website for the experience.  


1. Is Pubfilm a safe streaming platform?

Yes, Pubfilm is one of the safest streaming platforms out there in the market. The website has faced some legal issues in the past due to copyright but right now it is safe to use without facing any kind of privacy issue.  

2. Should I use a VPN while using Pubfilm?  

If you are in a country where Pubfilm is banned then you will need to use a VPN to run it. Using a VPN is always recommended because it adds to the level of security and keeps all the user data safe. If you have a VPN, make sure to use it when streaming movies or shows in Pubfilm. 

3. Can we watch movies for free on Pubfilm?  

Yes, we can watch movies in Pubfilm for free without having to create any kind of login credential or pay any subscription fee. Users can enjoy high-quality content without having to spend any money. 

4. Can we watch movies in Pubfilm in high definition? 

Yes, Pubfilm has a huge collection of movies that are available in high definition. Make sure to turn the display settings high when watching content to enjoy the best possible resolution.


If you are using Pubfilm in today’s day and age you need to know a few alternatives to the website. All the alternatives mentioned here, in this article, are not free but they surely give you content worth your money. Most streaming websites do not need any kind of login details to run. If you are new to these websites then you should give them a try. They will surely give you a new streaming experience. Users will be able to stream all their favorite TV shows and movies for free without having to download them. All the websites here are completely safe to use but might have some ads in them.