Project Free TV – 10 Best Alternatives To Watch Movies In 2022

Watching movies is everyone’s favorite. While the genre of the movie may differ from one person to the other, you’ll hardly find someone who doesn’t enjoy watching movies. There are different genres of movies like action, comedy, romance, adventure, and the list goes on. 

Visiting the theatre every time you want to watch a movie is not easy and many people don’t find it worth it. That’s why movie streaming sites have come to the rescue. 

There are too many movie streaming sites like Project Free TV. Project Free TV is a free streaming website wherein you can find a huge collection of movies and TV shows to browse through. Using this website can help you watch your desired movies for free. 

However, there can be times when the site stops working and you can’t access it. No need for you to worry about it anymore as you have these alternatives to watch movies in 2022: 

1. Flixster


If you’re new to Flixster, you must have missed out on so much fun. You can still try this website to watch unlimited movies in 2022. The website has easy navigation and a simple interface. It doesn’t require you to sign up or create an account to browse the movies featured here. 

It allows you to find the trending movies by inputting the name or movie in the search bar located on the homepage. It also shows the ratings of every content individually. This helps the viewers in getting a better idea of what they want to watch. 

It also has another section for coming soon where you can find movies that are about to release. This helps you in making movie plans beforehand. It is free to use with no ads. There are many categories on this website in which the movies are divided. You need to click on a suitable category to find your desired movie. 

2. MyDownloadTube 


One of the most well-known sites you can use to stream free TV shows and movies is MyDownloadTube. It offers an opportunity for users to take part in free games. If you’re looking for a website to download movies and not stream them, this website is the best for you. 

There is so much information on this page that can leave you astounded. Talking about the ads, this website may disappoint you a little. There are pop-up ads on this site that can cause a distraction while you’re browsing the site. However, in terms of downloading content, this website is the best. You can find a wide range of content invoicing for various movies, TV shows, and more.

It also supports multiple languages so you can also find content in your local language. You need not create an account to browse the content on this site. Just open this site on your browser and start streaming or downloading. 

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another streaming service that is based on a very indifferent and unique concept. It is a rapidly growing streaming company that offers a combination of on-demand TV shows and movies, live TV streaming, and original shows. You need not pay any monthly charges to watch content on this site. 

As this is s free to use the site, you may have to face a few ads. There are not too many ads on this platform to bother you. You can also find old, classic movies on this platform. To stream Tubi TV originals, you must visit the originals section. There is no need for you to create an account to browse the content on this site. 

The content also comes with a brief description and other important details which you might be looking for to understand what the movie is about. Tubi TV is undoubtedly a good alternative to Project Free TV. 

4. Popcornflix


If your search hasn’t stopped yet, here is one of the best websites to give you a theatre-like experience. Just get yourself ready with a popcorn bucket to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. It can show you relevant search results in just two taps on the screen. 

The interface of this website has been simplified to a great extent. People enjoy using this website mainly due to its user-friendliness. The biggest advantage of using this site is that it is free and you don’t subscribe. There are a few ads to generate revenue for the website. But, the ads are very less in number and they don’t cause any inconvenience to the users. 

Popcornflix is a unit of Screen Media Ventures, one of the largest global distributors of the motion picture. So, you need not have any concern about the legality of this site. Just play the movie, relax and enjoy. 

5. BMovies


BMovies is a movie streaming site on which people can watch the most recent Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, and Tamil movies. BMovies is one of those sites which is used widely across the world. 

This is a site where users can watch a wide range of newly released movies in HD visuals. There are very few movies streaming sites that feature all the content in HD print. User interaction is easier on this website because no other website uploads Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telugu movies before this website.

In a few countries, you may not be able to use this website due to piracy laws. However, in other countries, you can use this website without having to worry about risks and threats. It is free to use and you don’t have to do anything other than open the site on your browser. There’s nothing more you need to do to access content on this website. 

6. TV Duck

tv duck

TV Duck is a website that shares streaming links of new episodes uploaded for every TV show you watch. The links can then redirect you to another website where the video file is originally uploaded. You can use this site to find links to stream all-new episodes of shows you watch. 

An important thing to bear in mind when using this site is that you can find links shortly after the release of an episode. The longer you wait after the release of an episode; the chances of the link being taken down are due to concerns related to copyright. They have both play and download options against every TV show episode. Whether you watch or download is dependent on your preference. 

You’ll find a variety of TV shows on this site and they are classified separately based on their genre. You can use this site for free and it doesn’t ask for your personal information or signing up. 

7. CMovies


Cmovies is the website where you can find series and movies to stream online. You can find all the new releases on this site. As far as visual attributes are considered, Cmovies have a bright and colorful appearance.

The logo of this website comprises two separate parts, the primary emblem, which is used on all website pages, and a clean icon for mobile devices. The icon of this website uses a different color combination. It can be seen in white and green with a smaller green triangle that is the play button. 

The different colors and styles which are used in the visual appearance of Cmovies show the unique content choice and proper assortment. 

You can find a wide range of videos on this website including TV shows and movies that can be streamed online for as long as you want. It is one of the best alternatives to the Project Free TV site due to a lot of similarities. 

8. AZ Movies

AZ Movies

AZ Movies is a streaming portal that allows you to stream various types of content like movies, TV shows, documentaries, web series, and a lot more. It showcases various categories like sci-fi, entertainment, drama, romance, war, children, comedy, action, horror, etc. It is very easy for you to find your desired content on this site by entering its name in the search bar. 

It is an easy-to-use site with a simple user interface. What’s even easier is navigating through this site. You can browse through different categories with a single tap on the screen. One major reason why this site is most preferred amongst users is that it makes HD videos available to users for free. 

You’ll find movies and TV shows from different countries and languages on this website. Even if you’re not looking for anything particular, this site is a great place to explore content and decide what you want to watch. 

9. KissAsian


KissAsian is a very famous online platform on which users can watch unlimited TV series and movies in HD visuals for free. Most of the content on this site mainly targets Asian viewers. TV shows and movies featured on this website are mostly from China, Korea, and Japan.

The content on this site is featured in its original language but the site also allows you to read subtitles in English. There is a long list of shows you can stream on this website. It is divided into various categories like top month, top week, top day, new drama, and most popular.

This system of categorization is a great advantage for users of this site. It presently features over two thousand movies and TV shows and all of them belong to the Asian entertainment industry. If you’re looking for a platform to watch your favorite drama, you can stop your search here to find all your desired drama shows. 

10. Couchtuner


Couchtuner is a free video streaming platform that doesn’t require you to sign-up or create an account, like many other sites. It features a huge database of content ranging from TV shows, movies, documentaries, web series, and so much more.

The site offers some unique features which set it apart from other sites. You must give it a shot if you’re looking for the best alternative to Project Free TV. This website also features premium content from HBO and other channels on TV. Unlike some other sites, the main focus of this website is on Television shows.

It promises the users free access to a plethora of TV shows from different genres. You can also watch the most trending TV shows on this platform for free. The user interface of this site is very clean and it also has an organized design to help users. 



1. Is Project Free TV a legal platform?

This platform is not legal as it comprises pirated content. The site doesn’t hold any original content and offers many links for you to watch and download. Because of copyright issues, these platforms are opposed by many contenders as they face loss. 

2. What can you expect from this platform?

There is a lot that you can expect from this platform including free content, no time restrictions, and open customization options. 

3. Do you need to create an account on Project Free TV to browse its content?

You may or may not create an account on this site as it is completely on you. The site doesn’t force users to sign up or create an account. 

4. Why does Project Free TV stop working at times?

There can be many reasons why this site stops working and the most important reason is site maintenance. Whenever the site is worked on or upgraded for better service, it remains inactive. 


That’s everything about Project Free TV you should know. It is an excellent website that allows you to watch unlimited TV shows and movies for free. You need not pay any money to access the content on this site. However, as mentioned above you may find the site to not work at times and in such cases, you can try these alternatives. All the above-mentioned alternatives are 100% working and can serve as efficiently as Project Free TV. So, from now onwards, you need not worry if the site doesn’t work as you have ample options to the rescue.