MangaStream – Is It Down? Tenmanga Best Alternatives To Read Manga Online In 2022

Manga exists since the mid-90s. Manga is a different kind of comic book which is mostly available in monochrome effect. Until it’s rare or exclusive, you won’t find out a colorful manga comic. The trend of manga started first in Japan and later spread around the world.

No doubt in this 21st century, we are all aware of what Manga is and the internet has also adopted the trend of MangaStream. 

One such MangaStream is known as MangaStream. It has entertained everyone, who loved this Japanese comic. No doubt it is a huge business and worth around billion dollars in the market. It is a world of creativeness, thus it is very offensive to create an illegal site for manga comics. 

The copyright policies have been a big issue for MangaStream thus you are not able to access the MangaStream anymore. Because of these legal norms, manga fans are suffering a lot – they have been hit the hardest. No matter, from which part of the world you belong, Manga is known to all of us and it’s hard to let it go. 

It is not fair enough to give up our passion for manga comics, thus we will be sharing with you the ten best alternatives for MangaStream so that you can enjoy a really good time.

1. MangaDex


No matter which language you understand, you can get all kinds of translations in MangaDex. MangaDex is a famous MangaStream alternative, which can be accessed by anyone. You will get a wide range of collections of Manga as well as special editions of these comics.

This is an independent website and it’s available for free but the website needs to be maintained. Sometimes, it asks for donations from the fans to keep the website functioning. It is optional; you can also donate through bitcoins.

You will find lots of active members in MangaDex. This website not only allows reading the comics online but it has a separate forum for online discussion or chatting. You are also allowed to add a different ending of your own. Fans from different places come together to discuss a comic, and any alternate endings or characters. Instead of downloading them, you can read them online.

No doubt, MangaDex is safe because the admin of the website keeps watching the activities of the users. We must thank the admin for introducing so many features and translations in German, French, and Spanish.

2. Tenmanga


No need to worry if you are not getting the same services as MangaStream because we have Tenmanga. This website is very much suitable as a proxy for MangaStream, here all the downloadable content is free. You can also read the comics online from this site.

Tenmanga has an impressive number of active users. Once you visit the site, you will be impressed with all the collections of comics available in Tenmanga. You don’t have to suffer from the annoying ads and completely emerge into the comics.

This site is very suitable for any kind of device, let it be androids, apple, or PCs. You will also find out an application for Tenmanga.

Search with the help of the search bar or find out the right comic for yourself – among 25 categories and thousands of titles available on this site. The interface of Tenmanga is very user-friendly. From regular to the special edition, all kinds of content are available in Tenmanga.

3. MangaKakalot


Want to watch the latest manga art, hot comics, and the new collection? Then, there is no better site than MangaKakalot. This is a full package and available for free, you can be in any corner of the world, with the help of a VPN access it.

This website has added many helpful features to improve the experience of the users. All the content can be downloaded from the direct link or you can watch them online, this will save you from being redirected to other websites. At the bottom of every content, you get small descriptions that help a lot to choose the right comic for a reading.

MangaKakalot is very safe and the simple interface makes it easy for users to navigate. There are multiple genres available, you can also sign up for this website and log in to your account whenever you want to read Manga comics. Enjoy the multiple categories and premium edition for MangaKakalot.

4. MangaPark


Can you imagine watching 61,000 tiles for free? Well, that is what MangaPark offers to all the manga fans around the world. This site is visited by millions of people, who love to read these trending comics.

This site has classified sections for different genres, popular ones, and comics for new arrivals. The ‘My reading history, feature allows you to resume the comic you were reading the last time. Creating an account in MangaPark is optional and everything is offered for free.

Before every chapter, a small specification is added so that it’s easier for you to choose the perfect comic for reading in MangaPark. It is delightful because all the comics available on this site are very colorful and has HD quality. This site also has a filter for adult content. With this MangaPark, you can get rid of the popping advertisement. Watch your favorite shows every day.

5. Mangaowl


Wondering, how Mangaowl can easily fit into the list of alternatives of MangaStream. It is a free website that consists of more than 52 genres of manga comics. Multiple publishers upload their comics on this website.

You can continue reading the same content from the place you have left. Every user can get a personalized browsing experience. There is a separate tab for continuing reading, which will let you finish every comic. 

Mangaowl is safe and it has received positive ratings from reviewers. It is very easy to reach the site and do whatever you like. Though you will not get any separate forum for online discussions it is very suitable for every manga lover.

There are different sections for the latest release, top-rated comics, and popular ones. You can also check out how many people have viewed the comics or read them at the same time. Mangaowl also notifies about the time taken for reading the chapters.

6. MangaFreak


MangaFreak is all you need to get entertained with online comic books. You can access every manga Available on this site. No need to register for this site; you can pick up any particular comic that you want to read. Yeah, create an account for free, to keep a record of your comics so that you can resume reading from the chapter you left.

MangaFreak is compatible with both smartphones and desktops. No matter from which country you belong, you can access MangaFreak. Download them and read them online; there are options for many things. 

Get multiple categories like action, sci-fi, horror, thriller, etc. Watch the illustrated stories and multiple other forms of comics.

No need to worry about excessive advertisement. This is a safe website so your device will not be harmed anyway. Enjoy all the features of MangaFreak and have an awesome time. Stay tuned to your favorite activity of reading manga comics.

7. MangaHere


Once you try out the home page of MangaHere, you will be amazed by this exclusive site. MangaHere is completely free; you can also create an account without even paying charges. Keep a track of the history and the comics we have been reading because you can resume from the same chapter where you left it

In MangaHere, you also have an option to upload the images of different manga episodes. It is an independent website and will also let you operate it independently. Apart from reading, you can be creative on this manga website. 

With the help of a VPN, anyone can connect here. It has a friendly interface and you can choose the content for free. Enjoy a wide range of content and get multiple options available.

8. MangaPanda


Don’t you want to read new Manga comics every day? It is very hard to find out a proper manga comics list online. We have an amazing option for you; try out MangaPanda for free content.

MangaPanda has a very simple interface that will help you to go to the home screen or open the new tabs simultaneously. So, choose the right platform for yourself – just pick up the right continent by clicking on it, to start reading them. You can read them online and also download the content for free.

For MangaPanda, you do not have to register to the website. Search MangaPanda online and start reading comics. The website is updated regularly so that you do not miss out on any trending comic at all. Enjoy the interactive real-time search. You do not have to share any personal details with MangaPanda. You can get the perfect reading material instantly with a simple search.



Stay updated with the latest comic, only with 1ST KISS MANGA. It is a free distributor of all the trending comic books, which are rarely found on the internet. For the best alternative to MangaStream, you need to try out 1ST KISS MANGA. 

You will not have to bear any hidden charges and this site is very safe for everyone. Get all the updated manga lists from the home page and all trending manga comics, suggested by this website. For any technical issues, you can contact the operators of 1ST KISS MANGA.

Use the search bar for getting the best comic you need or you can use the alphabetic order to find out the right content for reading. There are different apps for 1ST KISS MANGA, use it to read all manga comics and be aware of recent updates.

1ST KISS MANGA is very compatible with phones as well as Pcs. It does not matter if you are using an Android device, iOS, or Microsoft Windows; you will be able to enjoy every piece of content from 1ST KISS MANGA.

10. Mangatown


For all the latest updates on top-rated manga comics, you can stay connected with Mangatown. This is a very compatible website. All you need is a proper internet connection to access this website from your phone or desktop.

Mangatown is just like any other premier MangaStreaming website. It has an extended collection and multiple categories among which the comics are divided. Get any latest releases from Mangatown. 

You can browse safely through this website. Mangatown has multiple features. To aid the users, the website has featured an easy interface that makes it user-friendly. Now you can watch or read attractive manga comics online for free.



1. Are there any separate applications available for MangaStreams?

It is easy to find any alternate sites for MangaStream alternatives, but you will not be able to find the application for the alternatives easily – only a few have the application.

2. Do I need to share personal data with the alternatives of MangaStream?

There is no requirement to share personal data with any of the alternatives; for creating an account you might need to share some basic information like email id and name.

3. Why am I not able to access the alternatives of MangaStream?

Many factors can block the alternatives of MangaStream, you can use VPN to access them freely.

4. Is it legal to share the downloaded content with anyone?

You can read or download the comic from MangaStream but you cannot share them anywhere.



No need to worry, if you’re not able to access all the alternatives of MangaStream. This writing is giving you the best alternatives, which are actively functioning in 2022. Try them out and find out the best one that suits your device and your taste. You will be able to access all of them freely without paying any charges. Why should you worry, when you have so many options?