Know About Huawei’s Petal Search

At the 2022 Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, mobile phone manufacturer, Huawei revealed an innovative search platform called Petal Search. It provides an all-in-one experience for all internet users around the world.

Petal Search is an intuitive search platform based on advanced technologies as well as multimodal functionalities. It is designed to provide a seamless search experience to users.

Currently, Petal Search has more than 20 vertical domains, including apps, news, travel, shopping, pan-entertainment, local services, and more.

It is one of the Top 5 Mobile Search Engines in over 25 countries, as reported by Statecounter’s metrics.

Petal Search is equipped with three important features. We have explained the details of these features below.

Petal Search is backed by augmented reality to provide multimodal search functionalities

Petal Search is designed to leverage the power of augmented reality. This innovative search engine allows users to retrieve information on products beyond text inputs. This has paved the way for a new eCommerce entry.

It will allow users to scan their favourite products with the help of AR glasses and retrieve information. The platform also uses Visual Search to provide relevant search results to users. The AR glasses will fetch encyclopaedic details in a language that is preferred by users.

Petal Search facilitates an all-in-one solution for all search functions

The goal of Petal Search is to emerge as an all-in-one solution for all search functionalities. It integrates information across 20 categories, including local services, news, shopping, entertainment, and much more. It will streamline all your online activities and search engines into one single platform.

Petal Search has more than 3000 business partners from different industries. This search platform is currently available in 170 countries. The company is expected to expand their services in other countries soon.

Petal Search provides a seamless search environment

Modern users want to use multiple devices to initiate a search. Keeping this in mind, Huawei has adopted the 1+8+N strategy to provide a seamless search experience across various devices.

This platform can be accessed on various devices such as TVs, computers, tablets, phones, AR glasses, and more.

For example, you have searched on your PC but now you want to continue it on your mobile phone. Instead of going through the entire process again, Petal Search will streamline your search request across all your devices. In addition, it will categorise the search results to make things easier for you.