KissCartoon – 20 Best Alternatives And Mirrors in 2022 [100% Working]

Watching cartoons and animes is no more limited to kids only. Even grown people can watch anime and cartoon shows to lighten their mood or for entertainment. Earlier, the only way to watch these cartoon shows was through TV.

However, as the internet continues to transform everything, it has made things easy and now you don’t need to sit in front of the TV to watch your favorite anime or cartoon. Many sites allow you to watch and download anime and cartoon shows. Some of these sites are free and some are paid.

One such site is KissCartoon which has a plethora of cartoons you can watch on your smartphone, PC, TV, etc. It is an amazing site with an easy interface and many other features to offer. However, due to site maintenance and other reasons, you may find this site to be inactive at times. In such cases, here are the best alternatives you can turn to:

1. 9Anime


9Anime offers users unique features like content recommendations based on their watch list. It keeps the users informed about anything new that is added to the site. Another advantage is that this site is very easy to use.

It is very user-friendly with a plethora of animes and cartoons to choose from. The site also keeps updating regularly and has lots of new content. The users can also hover through different genres of rooms and animes which are hard to find.

2. WatchCartoonOnline


This site has to be mentioned in this list of KissCartoon alternatives. It is quite similar to the former website in a lot of aspects. The site is very easy to navigate and can be easily browsed by kids.

The ads which are seen on this site are kid-friendly and safe for children. There is a navigation bar on the site that can assure that the users can browse through different categories for easy and efficient cartoon streaming.

3. CartoonCrazy


CartoonCrazy is a remarkable site you can consider as an alternative to KissCartoon. You can check out this site if you’re searching for dubbed anime and cartoons.

The content library of this site has different kinds of anime and cartoons you might be looking for. It is a very trending site that is more popular in developed countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. Over 11.5 million users visit this site every month.

4. AnimeLab


If you’re an anime fan, you’re going to love AnimeLab. This site has its main focus on animes. It has a huge number of anime like Astro Boy, Naruto, and others.

The collection of this site is huge and is divided into many categories. This site can be easily accessed on iOS, Windows, Chromecast, etc. It has a unique interface that is very well-designed and clean.

5. Anime-Planet


Anime-Planet is one such platform where you can browse through a wide collection of anime and manga. It also offers an intuitive experience that is great for users. Watching manga and anime on this site is very easy.

You can get lots of choices to watch your favorite cartoon genre. It has a smooth interface and an easy-to-navigate website. You will not get bored on this site as it has so much you can explore.

6. Dubbed Anime

Dubbed Anime

Dubbed Anime is a place where you will find all dubbed and subbed anime. Almost every anime available on this site is dubbed and subbed versions.

The content gets updated regularly. You can navigate through this site very easily because of its user-friendly design and interface.

7. Chia Anime

Chia Anime

Chia Anime is another well-known site used to stream anime and cartoon videos for free. It provides HD videos to users who enjoy watching cartoons on this site. Apart from cartoons and anime, it also offers manga. The video content can be watched in both dubbed and subbed formats.

It also has a separate search bar that allows you to find your desired content easily. The site keeps you notified about the new and recently launched anime. It has a clean user interface that attracts kids.

8. Funimation


If you don’t like watching anime with subtitles in English, then Funimation is the best platform to stop your search. It is an American-based company popular for launching dubbed content on the platform.

It also launches PS apps, which means different anime episodes. One drawback is that when you view your favorite anime, you may come across a few ads. You will also find dubbed content on this site and it is very easy to navigate through the site.

9. KimCartoon


The best part about this site is that it doesn’t stop working all of a sudden or when you’re watching a cartoon series. If you want to watch an anime and you don’t want it to get blocked, this is the place where you’ll find it.

It is very easy to browse through this site as it features single-click redirection. With this option, you can be redirected to the rest of the sponsored sites. Almost 14.5 million users use this site every month to stream cartoons and anime.

10. AnimeDao


It is one of the alternatives to KissCartoon. You can stream several anime on this site. AnimeDao is one of the best sites where anime lovers from different parts of the world enjoy anime. It has a smooth interface and requires very low bandwidth.

It is rated high in terms of easy use, video efficiency, content availability, reliability, and load rates. It also provides translated and the original language version of both new and old anime films and shows.

11. AnimeFreak


There are several episodes of your favorite anime shows and favorite cartoons. You can find cartoons and animes in different genres. It is the one-stop destination for cartoon or anime lovers.

An added advantage for users on this site is the huge collection of manga titles that can be easily accessed on this site. Though this site is free to use and requires no sign-up, you must be careful about the ads when you navigate through the site to view content.

12. Gogoanime


Gogoanime is the best platform for cartoon and anime lovers. This site gives you numerous options to choose from. Cartoons and anime on this site are divided into many categories based on their genre.

The English dubbed category also has too much content where you can easily spend a few hours. There’s another option where you can stream Chinese subs easily. It offers categories like anime list, FBOX, Newest, Home, Types, Genre, and a search bar.

13. Toonova


Toonova is an easy-to-use website that has a huge library comprising well-known titles. You’ll find manga, anime, and other cartoon content on this site. The main categories featured on this site are Read Manga, Watch Cartoons, Watch Anime, Daily Episodes, Dubbed Anime, Full Movies, etc.

Similar to very few websites, Toonova uploads all the new episodes in a short period after they are officially released. You can watch all cartoons and animes free without paying any charge.

14. AnimeToon


This site has to be included in this list because it has some outstanding features to offer. The user interface of this site is very easy and makes it easy to understand. Kids can enjoy browsing through the site as they search for their favorite cartoons or anime.

The monthly user count of this site is more than 3 million approx. You’ll find a long list of interesting anime and cartoons on this site. You need not spend a lot of time searching for a cartoon or anime or as organized everything in a proper way.

15. Crunchyroll


This website is one of the major websites you should know when talking about KissCartoon alternatives. It is an excellent site that has everything an anime lover looks for. The website comprises a list of Anime films and series.

 You can use this site to read manga, watch anime shows in HD quality and navigate through the site very easily. All the videos can be watched in HD quality visuals with no ads.

16. KissAnime


Another good alternative for browsing cartoons and animes, this site has a wide collection of content that is organized alphabetically. You can also find dubbed content with subbed anime and cartoons with genuine reviews.

The users are constantly notified of the most latest content added to this site apart from suggestions and recommendations. It also shows you critic reviews. The site provides separate options to stream and downloads content.

17. Nickelodeon


You must have heard about Nickelodeon. It is a legal website that allows you to stream cartoon shows and animes safely. It serves as an excellent platform for users to watch their desired cartoon shows online.

You can access this platform directly on the website, on the official application, or TV. You will find many cartoon shows and anime series on this website. It offers original content on both the web as well as TV.

18. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

For over 20 years, Cartoon Network has never failed to amaze the kids and youth. It not only allows you to watch from the TV, but you can stream cartoon shows online too.

This website is also safe for children in comparison to the rest of the sites which have explicit images/content. You can also play games on this site and it has HD video quality for whatever you watch. It is completely safe for children as it is kids protected.

19. DisneyNow


DisneyNow is one of the best websites where you can watch classic cartoons. There are many popular cartoons such as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. It is a site that is enjoyed by almost all kids.

Not just that, but you can watch famous TV Shows and Disney Movies on this website. The site has a great user interface and there are no ads. It is regularly updated with new episodes of all shows.

20. Anime Story

Anime Story

Anime Story is a site that allows you to read and watch different animes. One can find different genres of anime and cartoons on this site. It is a very well-organized site with a proper design and layout.

You must use this site at least once to read your favorite anime or watch it. The user interface of this site is very simple and enjoyed by kids. It is one of the best alternatives to KissCartoon which has so much to offer to the users.



1. Are these alternatives free to use?

This list has both paid and unpaid alternatives. Some of the sites also offer both paid and free services. There are a few features that can be accessed only in the paid version.

2. Can you download cartoons on these sites?

You can download cartoons and animes on almost all of these sites. However, on a few websites, you may not be able to download content in the free version.

3. Do you need to use an ad-blocker on these sites?

Some of the sites mentioned above have very few ads and they don’t disturb you when you stream or browse cartoons and animes. However, on other websites, you may have to use an ad blocker because they have too many ads interrupting your streaming session.

4. Do you need to sign-up on these websites to access their content?

No, you don’t need to signup on to most of the websites to access their content. You can just visit the website and start streaming.


That’s all you should know about KissCartoon and its alternatives. You don’t need to worry anymore if KissCartoon doesn’t work occasionally because you have these sites as alternatives. You must try these alternatives to understand how they work and the type of collection they have. Some of these sites are just as similar as KissCartoon itself in terms of collection, user interface, design, layout, etc. You must try out these alternatives to watch your favorite cartoon and anime shows.