Is KissAnime Dead? 10 Working Alternatives In 2022

These days, movie streaming sites are getting famous and we really cannot stay away from them. These websites are very addictive because we get all favorable content from a single platform. Some of them demand fees and some of them don’t. Well, for anime lovers, one site got famous in the past years – it is none other than KissAnime.

Many people were fond of this website because it offered all the latest movies and series without charging a penny from the viewers. Its popularity increased day by day because of the fabulous collection of anime content and its user-friendliness.

Lately, it’s unable for the users to reach KissAnime. This popular anime site has gotten a little unstable. It’s very hard to watch any video smoothly.

Can we survive the boredom without our prime source of entertainment, KissAnime? If you are concerned about the same and want to find out the new alternatives for KissAnime, which are working perfectly in 2022 – read further and keep collecting the names.

1. Anime-Planet


In the past decade, many sites have featured anime content but we cannot resist considering the Anime-Planet as one of the suitable proxies for KissAnime. With this, you get more than 45,000 legal videos, which involve movies, series, and so on. This site is popular for offering both reading and watching materials for the users. There are multiple categories for your entertainment.

Anime-Planet has high-quality videos for Anime fans. The site also features Manga and various other genres. From the latest release, popular shows to recommended shows – you can get all of them on this site.

Let it be any genre of anime, you will get everything on this fabulous platform. Anime-Planet was launched in the year 2001 and its legacy has still not faded away. Without even registering or paying, you can enjoy all the content.

2. AnimeLand


We always prefer the easy things and there is nothing simpler than AnimeLand. This website can be a promising proxy for KissAnime. Just like KissAnime, AnimeLand also offers limitless videos for free. You can watch all the shows, movies, series and many more. No need to share any personal details for registering.

AnimeLand can be accessed freely and the site has all the latest content. The site also uploads fresh news about the Anime world. All the high-resolution videos are accessible on this site. You can go to the menu to get more alternatives or simply use the search bar.

Get ready to download or stream online your favorite anime show on this virtual platform. AnimeLand is very user-friendly and will let you watch limitless movies online. From the latest to the old, every episode of a series is available in AnimeLand.

3. AnimeLab


It doesn’t matter if KissAnime is not working properly these days because we have an active replacement for the site. It is none other than AnimeLab. New Zealand and Australia have been running AnimeLab for a long time. To access it from the other parts of the world, you need to have VPN.

Once you reach AnimeLab, your hard work will be paid off. Just be prepared to watch all the latest and old classic anime on your PC or cell phone. This website has never compromised with its services; similarly, you will get the proper content you have been looking for so long. Go to the menu and search the name, you will get the video instantly. So enjoy all HD quality videos with AnimeLab. The best part is that you can also get an app from Anime Lab to watch the shows. AnimeLab App is available in Google PlayStore for Androids. So, stay tuned to the latest shows with this amazing site.

4. Crunchyroll


Do not forget about Crunchyroll, if you are a fan of KissAnime. This amazing website features all the popular anime series and shows. There are different tabs on Crunchyroll, which will take you to the latest shows, manga, news, game, and the premium content of this website too. You can try the premium version of this for some time free of cost. There is also an option to purchase the premium version of Crunchyroll for more exciting content.

You can read hundreds of chapters from Crunchyroll. The best part is that users do not have to wait longer because Crunchyroll can upload all the new episodes just an hour after they are released in Japan. You can also visit the exclusive Crunchyroll store to purchase anything or get a discount.

Sections for popular content, different genres, the latest seasons, and updates about the anime world are featured. With Crunchyroll, you can stay connected with your passion and enjoy everything for free. Crunchyroll has a dark background that makes it even more attractive. The high resolution of the video is all you need for proper online streaming.

5. Gogoanime


Feel lucky because you will not miss any of your favorite anime shows for the unavailability of KissAnime. We have Gogoanime as an alternate; no doubt it is as similar as KissAnime and can offer similar services for free.

This website has a very user-friendly interface and will let you watch the latest anime content. You can choose any one of them – either download or stream them online. Gogoanime will also let you download the files in multiple resolutions for a better experience. All the files have been placed according to a proper sequence of alphabetic orders. Now, it’s easy for you to search for the right content you want to watch on KissAnime.

You will be thrilled to know, that there is also an application of Gogoanime that can be downloaded on Android devices for free. The app is available on Google PlayStore. Now you can watch all the shows anytime and anywhere. The contents available in Gogoanime are posted by a third party, so you do not have to worry about copyright. It is a safe site and can give you 999+ anime series for free.

6. AnimeFrenzy


We have another hope, which will not let you miss KissAnime because this website is full of exciting content that you would love to watch. AnimeFrenzy has an amazing collection and all the top-rated movies are added to its library. There are multiple genres like Ecchi, Demons, Josei, Horror, Military, Parody, Comedy, Dementia, and many more. 

The Home Page of AnimeFrenzy is divided among the most viewed contents, the latest dubbed series, the latest subbed, and the seasonal ones like soring, winter, fall, and summer. If you are in search of a packed-up site, then you have AnimeFrenzy.

The nice part is, you get to watch all the latest releases which are very tough to find anywhere. It does not matter if you’re from which country, anyone can access AnimeFrenzy from any part of the world. AnimeFrenzy is free just like KissAnime. You have multiple options on this website to choose from streaming. If you do not like the online streaming, you can simply download them for later.

In one word, AnimeFrenzy is fabulous. It is all you need to wash up all your boredom and enjoy every moment.

7. 9Anime


Download your preferred anime movies or shows from 9Anime. You will also get an option to stream them online. 9Anime is very famous for all these. You don’t have to pay for watching your favorite show on this website. This anime site is as free – so you can browse freely. Get HD quality videos along with Android-friendly Chromecast support from the site. The contents are also updated rapidly and you can experience seamless streaming features with 9Anime.

The user-friendly interface and more than 25,000 anime shows make 9Anime special and a reasonable alternative to KissAnime. You just have to go to the Home page and search for what you want. 9Anime features a Quick Filter to help you find the right file for streaming or downloading. Per episode has been uploaded based on its release date, so you do not miss out on any.

It has active viewers from all around the world. All the contents are accessible without even subscribing to the site. If you are looking for all the new-released anime shows then 9Anime can be a cool option. This source of entertainment is all you need to brighten up your mood.


Masteranime is also a popular website. It has all the updated shows and movies we are looking for. If you are a KissAnime fan, we suggest for getting back the same feeling.

The moment you open the home tab, you can realize the variety of content is available here. Just go to the search bar and write the name of any movie, within seconds the file will be in front of you. Stream it online or download it for fun.

There is no requirement to sign up in and anyone may access the website for fun and enjoyment. This source of entertainment has all the top-rated shows uploaded on its site. The dark background and multiple resolutions will boost your experience.

9. KissAsians


Want some decent experience with a website like KissAnime? Well, there is a cool proxy, which can boost your mood anytime with all the latest anime shows. The KissAsians come with a variety of movies and anime shows, which will give you a good experience. This online platform also involves the movies which are famous in Asia.

The free version of KissAsians is available for anyone from any part of the world. You can enjoy the content for free or take up a premium subscription if you want to watch more without the ads. KissAsians is very pocket friendly and serves quality content for the viewers. There are tabs for drama, shows, popular content, and so on. The user can simply go to the search bar and find out the right movie you want to watch.

10. AniWatcher


There is another alternative for KissAnime which has a variety of anime content. You get everything you need to be entertained. AniWatcher is well known among anime fans for its continual up-to-date libraries. There is no need to pay anything or subscribe to the website. You can get all the content for free.

AniWatcher is very impressive; you will find it interesting because the website has tried its best to make it user-friendly. It has a dark background, which gives a cool look – finds out a short description of every movie or series available in AniWatcher. The homepage of AniWatcher looks amazing. It has specifically arranged every content. Get the direct links or search them with the first alphabet. Parody, School Life, special series for children, etc. – everything is divided.

No matter if you are not acquainted with the language because AniWatcher has dubbed versions for every content.



1. Why KissAnime is so popular?

KissAnime has a top-rated collection and it also offers subtitles in English. The dialogues are dubbed in English, which enables international anime fans to watch the movies or series without worrying about language barriers. KissAnime is free and very user-friendly.  

2. Is KissAnime safe?

KissAnime is considered a safe website because it has always provided quality services to the viewers but it’s always fair to follow the safety rules in case of online streaming, no matter which website it is.

3. Are all the alternatives of KissAnime Legal?

Most of the KissAnime Alternatives are legal, though you never know which site may face copyright policies or ban by the server; so it’s always a better option to analyze or take the review from the internet.

4. When will KissAnime be active again?

After the official shutdown of KissAnime in the year 2020, there is no such news regarding its re-launching; so it’s better to take the advantage of numerous alternatives available online.


KissAnime will always be dear to all the anime fans around the world for its wide range of content. Nothing is in our hands especially when it comes to the digital world since it has its distinct policies for every individual and website.

Feel lucky that you have numerous alternatives to KissAnime, which are still active in 2022. Take this opportunity and watch your favorite anime movie, series, and shows on these proxies of KissAnime. All of them are more or less equal to KissAnime. They are capable enough to satisfy all your cravings for anime content.