10 Free Sports Streaming Sites That Actually Work in 2022

When it comes to free streaming websites on the internet, you are more likely going to come across websites that are for entertainment like movies, TV shows, and web series. Finding equally good and accessible streaming websites for sports can be a pain.

Even with so many available, some of them are banned, limited or non-functional. What this does is make it difficult for users to find viable sports streaming websites that work. 

Don’t worry though because we have done the research for you and sorted out the top 10 free sports streaming websites that are working in 2022.

1. Stream2Watch

When it comes to free sports streaming website that works, Stream2Watch deserves the first spot on the list. It is unlike any other streaming platform, especially with the amazing range of categories and content availability.

From the latest sports events that are happening in real-time to the pre-recorded sessions, you can find just about anything that you want. It hosts sports channels from varying countries like Russia, the UK, Russia and so many more. 

You can find links to all the live matches on the homepage of the website, making navigation a lot easier than you expect. Also, there are multiple links for each event, making it easier for the users to check them out and pick the one that seems the best in the lot.

However, with good come a few bad issues too. The pop-up ads on the website are quite intrusive and will affect the viewing experience at times. We’d recommend switching on the ad blocker for a hassle-free experience.

2. 123TV

When it comes to sports events, most of them are available on live TV. So, while 123TV might not be a sole sports streaming platform, it hosts all the channels that you’d need to navigate and stream your favorite sporting events online.

The website hosts over seventy different sports channels, covering different types of sports and live events that are likely happening over on the television. There are live streaming options, so you don’t have to wait to watch the recorded version.

Besides the standard sports, another unique feature of this website is that it provides direct access to the online games that you can stream to your heart’s desire. Also, the ads are very rare on the website and won’t pop up here and there, disrupting your user experience.

Also, there is no need to register on the website, which is another reason why it is such a good option for you to look into. The website is mobile-friendly also, allowing you to stream directly from there, which is fun too.

3. NFL Stream

With hundreds and thousands of free sports streaming websites available on the internet, finding one that’s dedicated just to NFL is quite a tough job. However, the NFL stream takes the cake, especially when it comes to enjoying your sports on an immersive and interactive website.

The best thing about this website is the fact that it has a separate Chrome extension. Downloading the same allows you to seamlessly stream your favorite sports events without any compromise at all. The only downside to the website is its mobile compatibility. The website runs a lot slower when you run it on mobile phones.

But, the good thing is that you wouldn’t have to compromise on the user experience with the intrusive ads. You can comfortably find the link to the event you wish to stream and then directly stream it from there without any hassle at all.

Besides its seamless navigation tool, the website also hosts regional and global sporting events, which is another benefit you can look into.

4. Bosscast

There is no doubt that Bosscast falls short on the UI and UX part but if you are particular about finding a holistic sports streaming website with all the necessary sports categories, we’d recommend looking into this without any questions.

From the global events to the latest live stream support, you can find just about everything that your heart desires. Also, the category of sports on this platform is quite promising, something that you aren’t going to repent investing in.

The biggest downside to the website is that it doesn’t support playbacks. So, you’d have to watch all the shows live if you want to make the most out of it. You can’t go back and watch it. So, ideally, you can’t even record the sports events for watching in the future.

But, the good thing is that you don’t need to register or create an account on the website. Everything is available for free, which is quite promising. The ads are quite minimal on the website too.

5. Laola

Unless you stream sports daily, chances are that you might not be familiar with the website, given how underrated it is. But, the good thing is that the website is a global one, so you get to stream from different types of sporting categories, including cricket, soccer, hockey, etc.

This website is perfect for those countries where live sports broadcasting are prohibited. Although the website is versatile with its content, they do specialize in streaming football matches. Overall, the layout of the website is also quite simple to navigate through, which adds to the UI.

With the simplistic approach to the website’s layout, another factor that stands out is the fact that it doesn’t have any pop-up ads or even promotional banners that could potentially slow down the streaming experience.

Also, if their main website isn’t functioning, we’d recommend looking into the partner platforms to stream any category of sports that you can binge-watch.

6. Hotstar

Yes, Hotstar is primarily a paid subscription-based platform but it has a potent free version too. The free version of the app supports the ultimate sports streaming experience without any hassle. What’s the best part about the seamless streaming experience is the fact that every event is streamed in HD resolution.

From cricket, and football to e-sports, users can seamlessly stream any live event that is currently happening. Also, if you want to avail yourself of access to the free streaming experience, all you have to do is download the app and get started. The web version of the app is quite promising too.

Overall, the website has a very enticing layout and UI, which makes it easy to navigate through. There are no intrusive ads that pop up and disrupt your streaming experience, so that’s always a plus in this case.

7. SportLemons

Another exclusive sports streaming platform worth considering is SportLemons. The website has a very minimal and lightweight website with no ads that allow the users to stream their live events comfortably without needing to worry about lags and intrusion in between.

The homepage is where all the on-going and upcoming sports events are listed with the links. You can pick and choose the sports event that you wish to stream. As for the categories of sports, there is quite a lot that you can look into.

But, like most of the free sports streaming websites, even this one doesn’t support playback. So, you’d have to stream it live and then forget about it. You can have access to the events that are currently happening in the day. There are no pre-uploads.

The good thing is that there are no ads and you don’t need to register or open an account on the website to be able to stream the content.

8. Livescore

As the name suggests, Livescore allows you to stream all of your favorite shows without any compromise at all. Besides the streaming, the primary reason why the website is so popular is that it keeps the users updated about the latest scores.

The website started by displaying just the live scores of the different sporting events happening globally, becoming one of the few websites to offer such a service. Soon after, it took off and became one of the most popular websites around.

The best thing about the website is the minimal layout and navigation. None of the users have to compromise on scrolling through a cluttered website, which is often one of the biggest issues that most users have to compromise.

The clean and easy layout of the website is further propelled by organized everything. In case you can’t access the web version, they have an app that one can download to their Android smartphones if needed.

9. Footybite

If you are particularly interested in the free football streaming websites, we’d recommend Footybite as the first choice. This one is a global website, one that you are going to be appreciative of in the long run. 

The overall website is quite organized and doesn’t have any kinds of unnecessary ads or promotional banners on the homepage of the website. Instead, you will find a link to all the viable events that are happening globally so you can stream them on the website without any hassle at all.

Also, besides footie, there are quite a few different categories of sports events that you can stream and binge-watch according to your comfort and feasibility. All the live matches are available on the homepage, so every user can click and watch.

One of the unique features of this website is the availability of a calendar feature. Under this, the users can look up all the upcoming sports streaming events that are around the corner. This makes planning a lot more streamlined than you think. The links are updated and verified, so your security isn’t compromised.

10. VIPLeague

The last one on the list is VIPLeague, which is well worth the time, effort, and money. Besides sporting all the latest and trending events, one factor about the website that stands out is the fact that it hosts a very clean UI that makes navigation a lot easier.

You can find all the categories of sports available on the website’s homepage. You can click on the category you want to watch and then check the live events that are happening. The website is updated with working and secure links every other minute, so you won’t have to worry about privacy.

However, since there are some legal issues associated with the website, there are chances that the platform might be blocked where you live. In such cases, we’d recommend that you use a VPN service to bypass the ban.

Besides that, the website doesn’t have any unnecessary and intrusive ads that pop up randomly on the website, which is quite a promising trait of the website. Also, the website offers a very personalized user experience, which is something you won’t normally get on other free sports streaming websites that are available on the internet.


1. Are all the free sports streaming websites legal?

Some websites host the actual media player to run the free streaming. Instead, they host the links that users can click and get redirected to stream their favorite sports events. These are safe and legal but there are a few websites that are blocked in certain countries.

2. Should I use a VPN to stream?

If you are worried about your personal information and safety on these free sports streaming websites, we’d recommend you go ahead and use a VPN for this. 

3. Do I have to create an account to stream?

Almost all the free sports streaming websites available on the internet don’t require any kind of registration or sign-up. You can directly open the website and stream the particular event that you want to without any compromise at all.


With so many different types of free sports streaming websites available on the internet, finding the working links can be a little confusing. We have sorted out our top 10 picks with the hopes that it makes your streaming experience a lot simple and streamlined. Just ensure that you have high-speed internet connectivity since most of them offer live streaming option and no download feature on their websites.