Fmovies – 15 Best Alternatives and Sites Like FMovies in 2022

Half of our problems have been solved with the evolving digital realm. We search on the Internet for everything. Similarly, these days, we rely on modern technology for watching movies or TV shows.

There are multiple sites online and FMovies is one of the most popular websites all around the world. For free and easy online streaming, we always search for Fmovies. It has so many active users; the impressive collection of Fmovies does not let us go anywhere. It is a complete package. Anyone can watch movies TV shows and series for free from Fmovies.

No doubt we are very much dependent on the internet for a source of entertainment. What if the Fmovies stops working or you do not get favorable content on this site. So, we must be aware of the alternatives as well.

1. Downloadhub


Fmovies has served us for a long time, it was very tough to find an alternative for such an amazing site but the internet has so many things to offer us. Downloadhub is all you need to watch your favorite movies and series online.

This website is more than you can expect. It not only has national and international content but you will also get dubbed videos. Regional movies are also featured in Downloadhub. No doubt it has so many active users because the site is free. 

Easily search based on genre or types the name of the movie you want to watch. Web series are available in Downloadhub. Enjoy different resolutions of videos and music videos as well. Downloadhub is a complete package and all set to entertain movie lovers like us.

2. VumooVip


VumooVip is the perfect destination for popular TV shows and movies. This site is famous among movie lovers for its quality services.

No one would like to miss this amazing chance of watching the latest movies and series for free. VumooVip is all you need for an amazing movie session with family and friends. Let it be the latest Avengers sequel or Miss Marvel, you get everything in VumooVip.

VumooVip will not disappoint you, all the videos on this site are of HD quality. This website is also compatible with PCs and any Android devices. VumooVip is safe and will never bother your device with threats and malware. For smooth streaming, you can choose this website.

3. TinyZone


Your search for a perfect alternative to Fmovies ends here. We have TinyZone to present it to all movie lovers around the world. This site is actively functioning in 2022.

It is a free website and anyone can enjoy all the content without even creating an account. TinyZone is popular because it has videos of 1080p and 720p, which ate very impressive. Unlike any other free site, TinyZone offers smooth streaming and easy navigation. You will be amazed by the vast collection of movies and web series.

The features of TinyZone can boost your experience. Just a single click and play your favorite movie on the screen. All the videos are available with two different subtitles – English in Spanish.

4. Mkvmoviespoint


What is your taste? Do you like action, horror, thriller, or Sci-fi? You can get everything in this single platform known as Mkvmoviespoint. In one word it is amazing and will let you enjoy everything for free. No need to create an account, instead of that you can simply click on your favorite file and play it online.

Experience this hassle-free and smooth movie streaming on Mkvmoviespoint. It has an impressive collection of TV shows, movies, web series documentaries, and many more; the homepage of Mkvmoviespoint features everything. 

With the help of a VPN, you can also access movies pint. There are Hollywood, Bollywood, and much other regional content available here. Enjoy the high-resolution video quality on this relevant site of Fmovies.

5. SeeHD


Have fun with entertaining TV shows or movies. Try your hands on SeeHD. It is suggested by many because this website is the replica of Fmovies and will amaze you with its extended collection.

SeeHD has amazing features and you will be fond of the site, right after the first try. SeeHD is free, registering is also optional. No matter in which part of the world you live, anyone can download or watch online movies from SeeHD. The website is very user-friendly and compatible with Android devices as well as PCs.

Whatever you desire, you can get everything on SeeHD. Try out new movies every day on this website. Search them based on country, name, category, popularity, IMDb rating, and so on.

6. JustWatch


Internet is a large realm and it’s not easy to trust every site. So we are suggesting you try out JustWatch. It is legal and safe for us.

JustWatch can be a good alternative to Fmovies. This website has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. JustWatch can let you access everything for free. What can be better than a free source of entertainment? In addition, you can connect it to the TV and enjoy a big-screen movie streaming.

JustWatch has a new collection and it keeps different sections for popular content. A single search is enough to find out the right video you want to watch. All the content is available in HD quality. No matter if you make an account or not, it’s open for all.



Get this golden opportunity to watch everything in HD quality. is a famous proxy of Fmovies and is suitable for everyone has an amazing interface and you can also watch the movies without any technical glitches. This smooth online streaming and impressive library of this website make it special. You can watch every content without paying for it. It is safe and features trending new movies. 

No matter which Hollywood movie it is, you will get the entire collection in This website is user-friendly and very compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows.

8. Onionplay


Craving for the latest movies and TV shows? There is one secret site, which hides everything you are longing for. Let’s explore and try out everything from your watch list.

Onionplay features all the top-rated movies, which are released recently. You can also search them from the search bar that is on top of the home screen. All you need is – a good internet connection to enjoy everything available on this website. There are movies, top-rated TV shows, and every episode of a web series.

Onionplay has an amazing collection; it has also separated the top-rated IMDb movies as well as the content of different categories. Anyone can randomly access the website and create an account for free in Onionplay.

9. DosMovies


What else do we need from an entertaining website, when it’s free? It is hard to find out a free alternative these days, which is actively functioning in 2022 but here we got DosMovies.

DosMovies is just like any other website but with multiple features. It can be accessed from any corner of the world. With smooth and easy navigation, you can try out DosMovies. This website has different tabs for multiple categories, TV shows, movies, and a support center for its users. You will have the chance to chat with other movie lovers only on DosMovies.

This is a good opportunity for many of us. It is very user-friendly and will guide us throughout.

10. 123Movies


No need to pay for an elite website when you have 123Movies. It’s a lottery for movie lovers like us. No doubt, we can add 123Movies along with the other alternatives of Fmovies.

This website is a complete package – from movie trailers to high-rated national, regional, and worldwide famous movies available. You get everything from 123Movies. To find out the right content, you can either use the search bar or the categories of movies and TV shows. The original content from OTT platforms is also featured in 123Movies.

You can download the content or stream them online. There are multiple servers available for a single content. Turn on the subtitles or keep them off and enjoy the HD quality videos.

11. Flixtor


Flixtor is a proxy of Fmovies. This website can be accessed from any part of the world. No matter wherever you stay, you will be able to watch the movies freely from Flixtor.

Flixtor has an impressive collection. You can go to the menu and search for the right content. There are different sections for genres, movies released in recent years, TV shows, web series, and the top-rated IMDb movies. 

Why should you pay when you have this free website? It is very user-friendly and compatible with your Android device. Flixtor is a complete package and will never disappoint you. The contents are updated every day for your entertainment.

12. PrimeWire


Want to watch some amazing stuff online for your entertainment, and then go to this amazing website known as PrimeWire. In one word, it’s fabulous – PrimeWire can offer all the top-rated movies and TV shows for free.

Once you reach the website, you will be amazed by the top-rated content available here. Go to the menu and search for the right video from the search bar. There are also different tabs for IMDb ratings, popular movies, TV shows, and many more. PrimeWire is safe and very smooth for Androids, iOS, and PCs.

13. CmoviesHD


To all the movie lovers out there, we have CmoviesHD to fulfill the watch list you have had for such a long time. It is a perfect solution for our wildest desires. No matter if the movie is old or new, you can get it from CmoviesHD.

Just one click and your favorite content will be playing on the screen. CmoviesHD is very concerned about the viewer’s thus it provides HD videos all the time. Get amazing suggestions from the site and find out the proper film. CmoviesHD is safe and very compatible. It has different categories and tons of movies, which can be streamed online for free.

14. Hotstar


This OTT platform is fabulous. You will find the similarity between the contents of Fmovies and Hotstar very well.

Hotstar is for online movie streaming or downloading. There is also an application available for Hotstar, to make your task easy. The craving for entertaining content can be fulfilled with Hotstar.

Get a chance to watch live sports, news, TV shows, movies, or documentaries. Do not forget the Hotstar original content from this website. You can access this site for free but for premium content, you need to subscribe and buy a plan. Hotstar has saved us all from missing out on trending movies or series. It is all you need for a joyful movie session with friends or family. Do not forget about the kid’s section which features lots of cartoons.

15. Gogomovies


Get ready with your watch list. You’re about to explore this amazing site, which is functioning well in 2022. Gogomovies is popular and has active users all around the world for its amazing services.

We can add Gogomovies to the alternative of Fmovies because it is fabulous and offers us every content for free. No need to create an account, simply go to the search bar and find the right movie for yourself. There are multiple tabs in Gogomovies, which have separated the content. Get high-quality videos on this website. You can experience smooth and easy navigation in Gogomovies. The extended collection of Hollywood movies will amaze you.



1. Are these alternatives to Fmovies available for free?

 All these alternatives of Fmovies are very similar to the respective site and none of them will charge you extra fees for creating an account.

2. Why am I not able to access Fmovies anymore?

Due to some technical glitches movies have been blocked by many servers; there is no notice about the re-launching of this site.

3. Do I need to be 18+ to access these alternatives?

Age does not matter for accessing these alternatives but few contents are recommended for 18+ years only.


Still worried about Fmovies? Maybe after reading this whole content you are chilling. It’s time to be happy and sit with a bowl of popcorn because you got a bunch of alternatives for Fmovies. Instead of relying on a single site, you can try out multiple websites to watch your favorite movies, series, and whatever you like, online.