15 CouchTuner Alternatives That Actually Work In 2022

Who doesn’t wish to watch movies or have fun with their family and friends glaring at their favorite TV show? The entertainment industry has always been our prime companion when the matter comes to enjoyment. 

These days, online sites are very well-known for delivering the same content as any TV channel or OTT platform. No matter where you are, you can access your favorite shows online. There are many paid and unpaid websites out of which, CouchTuner has been the safe and legal companion for watching movies online. From newly released TV shows to series or movies – you can watch all of them on this fabulous site. CouchTuner is visited by multiple users actively. 

Are you not able to reach the site anymore? In case, CouchTuner is not functioning for you, simply find out the best alternatives which will provide you with the same benefits. Get ready to watch anything you like for free, without even signing up with these proxies mentioned below.

1. WatchSeries


We have a fabulous recourse for CouchTuner so that you never miss out on the free content that you were getting from the respective site. WatchSeries is well known all around the world for its superb collection? Once you open the home page, you will be able to see there are all sorts of entertaining content available here. 

Let it be dramas, anime, popular TV shows, movies, or web series – you get everything from WatchSeries. WatchSeries is free and accessible all around the world. You can create an account and log in without paying any fees. Facebook users can operate the site with the same social media account. 

This site also delivers the recently added episodes of popular series or movies. WatchSeries includes different genres. The user can simply type the name of whatever they want to watch in the search bar and enjoy a full session of entertainment. It also has an easy interface to aid the viewers.

2. Xfinity


Let’s give a shot to Xfinity. This website is also well known for delivering similar services to CouchTuner. Xfinity is very user-friendly and the interface will let you chill. There is a wide range of content available – once you sign into the website for free you can access everything. This alternative will not bother you with ads while you stream the movies or TV shows online.

Xfinity can offer a wide range of content – from movies to series and even news about the world of entertainment is available. There are more than 20 genres, which are suitable for groups of friends, family, or solo. 

Stream the videos online or download them; there are multiple options. Get all the HD-quality videos from this site. You will also get a chance to open an account and shop or upgrade the site for premium services. Let it be phone or desktop, Xfinity can function anywhere without a hackle.

3. JustWatch


Try out something new with JustWatch. This website can be accessed from any part of the world. It is available in multiple countries. You just have to register for free and then all the contents are at your service. 

JustWatch has an attractive homepage that has been divided between popular TV shows and recommendations. You can also create a watch list with the desirable videos available on this site. From Hollywood to Bollywood, get the movies from different countries and genres. The search bar is the solution to all – you have to type the name to get the film instantly.

The user-friendly interface and free services make JustWatch a decent alternative to CouchTuner.

4. Soap2day


Let’s watch some A-listed TV shows, movies, and dramas for free. We have an amazing website that will fulfill all your wishes, so be ready with the watch list. 

This website features more than 20 genres; you can watch action, adventurous, horror, fantasy, mystery, war, crime, or any other movie you like. The official website also has its recommendation, so that you can discover famous and top-rated content easily. Soap2day is famous for trending all the latest content and you get everything for free.

If there is anything not listed, just take out some time and request Soap2day for adding it. Get all your favorite stuff on this well-designed and user-friendly website.

5. Rainierland


This amazing website can offer you high-quality content for free. Grab this golden chance to watch famous TV shows and movies online. Rainierland has all the top-rated collections, which will amaze you. Let it be any genre or movie from any country, you will be able to watch them all on its website. From the latest movies to every episode of a series are uploaded instantly after they are aired. 

Rainierland is a safe site because it does not have any content of its own. This website collects and features the links which will direct you to the official site of the movie or TV show you want to watch. This can be the best way to stream the videos from the direct party. No need to worry about the popping ads as well.

6. Tubi


Do you think all of us can sit in front of the television? So, we have an online site, which streams similar TV shows and movies, we like to watch. Tubi is another CouchTuner proxy. Anyone can sign in for free and enjoy its free content.

The website looks like any top-rated platform and offers all the famous movies and series. From the latest release to the old ones – you can get everything in Tubi. It has amazing features and one of them is – setting up parental control. Tubi can also suggest you the content of your taste because of its personalized search engine. 

Gadgets like Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and PlayStation can support Tubi. Just VPN is required to access this website.

7. Netflix


Netflix is an official platform that features its original content along with movie series and TV shows which are famous all around the world. Without any doubt, Netflix is safe and legal – it’s the most obvious option for most of us.

Netflix can provide similar services just like CouchTuner. It has a huge number of subscribers worldwide and has a top-rated collection of video content. The only difference is that Netflix is not free.

You get all the original content and safe browsing. The blockbuster movies and series are featured on Netflix. It has a wide range of genres and content from all around the world. This website can be accessed through its application as well.

8. Hulu


Hulu is just a mirror website of CouchTuner because there are no differences between these two sites. It is a safe space for all movie lovers to stream their favorite videos online or download them for free.

Hulu is loved and preferred by everyone because it is free and will not bother you with advertisements. You can also subscribe to the site for premium content. Many of your favorite TV shows are featured on Hulu. So enjoy all the HD quality videos and user-friendly interface.

Hulu is all you need to watch TV shows and movies from different genres and countries. It is the replica of any top OTT platform – all the latest releases and the old movie are available here.

9. LookMovies


Enjoy a vast range of TV shows and movies only on LookMovies. This website is fabulous and will impress you with all its features and updated content. Anyone can access it without subscribing.

LookMovies is preferred for a simple interface. This site also has a separate section that features the TV shows or movies according to the year of release. LookMovies has another section for trending content and the other one which will guide you to its alternatives.

Stream online with LookMovies and enjoy the videos with multiple resolutions. LookMovies is also well known for smooth and fast streaming, which means you will not face technical glitches.

10. MoviesJoy


MoviesJoy can be a proper alternative for CouchTuner. This website has featured high-quality movies and TV shows for your entertainment. The library has an extended collection and no registration is required to access them all.

MoviesJoy has a user-friendly interface. You simply search for the right content and hit the play button to enjoy. It is also praised for ad-free streaming and safety. Any user can contact the customer services of MoviesJoy if they face any issues. This movie streaming site is compatible with any device.

11. StreamLikers


Want to watch the latest movies and web series, then all you need right now is StreamLikers. It can provide you with high-rated series, documentaries, and movies, which are hard to find out. This online site needs no registration or sign-up. Users can simply watch whatever they like for free.

StreamLikers is very stable and serves quality video. With this website, you can enjoy fast streaming and multiple genres of entertainment. StreamLikers is open for all and has fantastic features to boost your experience. With VPN, you can access StreamLikers from any corner of the globe.

12. Vumoo



Try out this amazing website for online movie streaming known as Vumoo. It is very famous and a good option if you are looking for an alternative to CouchTuner. Vumoo is worth enough to entertain you with its fabulous collection of movies.

Anyone can access Vumoo without registering or setting up an account. It is free for all and actively working in every country. The movies are segregated based on their genre like action, romantic, comedy, sci-fi, thriller, horror, and so on. You can also find out many options on the home page. The movies are segregated alphabetically. The contents of Vumoo are updated every day and you will get many attractive collections on this website.

13. YesMovies


YesMovies is quite popular among movie lovers for its free services and user-friendly interface. It is also a promising proxy of CouchTuner. Anyone can watch the movies online without registering or signing up to the website.

YesMovies have a wide range of collections. More than 30 languages are features. The movie catalog is very impressive, as it features Mexican, Indian, Japanese Korean, and many other movies. No ads will pop up so that you can enjoy smooth streaming. Recently, an application has been released for YesMovies. No doubt it is safe for online movie streaming.

14. 123Movies


No movie lover will be unaware of 123Movies. It is a famous title all around the world and has an impressive number of active users. Without any registration, you can watch the content of 123Movies for free. 

This website can be a good alternative to CouchTuner, as it features popular movies. No need to be annoyed with the popping ads, since 123Movies can support smooth streaming. There are multiple servers so that you never face problems with online streaming. Enjoy the movies and web series of multiple genres on this single platform.

15. 5Movies


5Movies is another example of a free movie streaming site that can entertain you anytime and anywhere. Without subscribing or paying the fees, you can access all the contents of 5Movies.

This website has a very impressive catalog and will let you watch movies from different countries and genres. No need to share any personal information instead of that you can watch all the latest shows, your favorite web series, or movies. Without any ads, you can stream smoothly. 5Movies features HD-quality videos for a better experience. This site is also compatible with PCs as well as Android devices.



1. Why do I need VPN to access the online movie streaming sites?

VPN will keep you anonymous so that you can download, browse or stream around these alternatives of CouchTuner.

2. Are these alternatives of CouchTuner safe at all?

Most of these alternatives are safe; you can also check them out on your own.

3. Why am I not able to access CouchTuner anymore?

Sometimes due to copyright policies, the website gets banned by multiple servers.


This write-up is planned to give you multiple options so that you do not have to compromise with your favorite hobby of watching movies and web series. Try out these alternatives and find out the best one suitable for your device. Browse them online and never miss any of your favorite movies or series.