10 BatmanStream Alternatives For Live Sports Streaming in 2022

People who love sports can do anything to watch their favorite sport streaming live. Due to a busy lifestyle, it has become difficult for people to keep a track of all sports events which are shown on Television. 

Interest has brought along different websites where you can stream sports live. These websites are free to use and you don’t need to create an account to watch your favorite sports live. 

Several websites allow you to watch live streams of your favorite sports and one such site is BatmanStream. This post will further take you through some of the best alternatives to this site. You can turn to these alternatives anytime if BatmanStream stops working. Go ahead and continue reading till the end to know more: 

1. FOXsports.com


This site has to be one of the best alternatives to BatmanStream. You can use it to stream various sports channels. It offers both subscription-based and free services. On this site, you can find sports from different parts of the world. 

It provides good coverage of all live sports channels like NBA, NASCAR, NHL, and NFL. You can also access the live streams which are available on this site but that depends on the region you live in. 

It also allows you to watch live sports streams and shows from many sports channels. The user interface of this site is excellent and it ensures to improve the experience and viewing potential of users. 

You can stream different types of sports on this site including cricket, soccer, and others. If you’re willing to buy a subscription, you must create an account to fulfill all formalities. However, signup is not needed if you’re using the free version. 

2. Rojadirecta


Rojadirecta is a streaming website where you can find live updates of your favorite sports events and matches. You need not wait for long to receive the updates as the site makes them available within one minute. 

All sports events are covered on this sure along with the ongoing matches. It also keeps you informed about the upcoming matches of your favorite sport. It serves as a listing platform for all sports which has detailed information about all sports. 

You will also find links for streaming live matches in your index and this is what makes it simpler for you to navigate through the site while enjoying the game. 

It also provides several language choices from which you can choose your desired language to watch the sports. The best part about this site is that it has a realistic indexed directory where you’ll find all the matches and sports events that are being held or are about to be held.

3. 12th Player

12th Player

12thplayer is a very well-known platform for streaming live sports. It gives you access to all popular channels where you can browse live sports. This is a website that has been designed by expert developers. 

The site has a simple and smooth interface with an easy catalog of streaming links. These links can take you to live sports events with a single tap. On this website, you can stream only the present and on-going matches in the world. You will also find highlights for every match.

The streaming video quality is very stable and high. It is one of the best alternatives to BatmanStream and is a good place for people who enjoy watching live matches with highlights and scores. It is free to use platform that doesn’t require you to pay money or create an account. The site is very easy to navigate and you can find your favorite match in very few steps. 

4. Stop Stream

Stop Stream

Stop Stream is an excellent site where you can watch live sports and enjoy as many tournaments as you want. It is one of the most suitable alternatives you can consider in the place of BatmanStream. The site has a huge database comprising different sports channels.

You can stream any sports channel you want for free. It also allows you to live chat and interact with other people from the world easily. To be specific, this website allows you to stream on all devices, which means it can be accessed from your tab, mobile, desktop, etc. You can watch all your favorite sports events without any limitation. 

There are individual sections in which the various sports channels are divided for the convenience of users. You can just visit the site with the help of your browser and start streaming your favorite sports channel. There are no more formalities you need to do. 

5. Stream2watch


Stream2watch is a streaming site that has an easy layout with excellent functions. This provides you with a vast database of the live database and you can choose from them. Different sports events are included on this site and you will find popular channels like Sky Sports and NCAA Football.

It provides both Live TV and live sports for the users. All live events are updated regularly to ensure that the users get a smooth streaming experience. The search panel assists you to sort from numerous events to make it easy for you to search for your favorites. 

With the help of the search option, this streaming site can become very for you to understand and navigate through. You can easily browse through the different categories on this site and find your favorite sports events just with a few taps on the screen. 

6. Cricfree TV

Cricfree TV

Cricfree TV is a superb website where you can watch online sports events for free. The videos are featured in completely HD. This offers you many TV channels which host sports events for free. You can stream sports events for free and there are 12 different categories in which sports are featured in HD print. 

Similar to BatmanStream, this site also provides a chat option by which you can interact with others sports enthusiasts from around the world. Cricfree also gives an option to get in touch with similar users across the world. You can keep streaming your favorite sports event while discussing it with them.

There is another chat window that allows you to discuss parallel when you stream an event. There is no registration needed on this site to chat with other users or stream an event. The site also maintains your anonymity while you keep streaming. 

7. Offside TV

Offside TV

Offside TV is very different from other streaming platforms. It has a subscription option too. If you use the paid version, you do not just get live sports but many more movies and TV channels. Here, you can stream everything in HD. 

It can be availed on all devices and that’s what makes it easy for you to stream anything you want. It also enables you to stream from mobile browsers. But, you need to log in to your account and buy a subscription. 

It is priced reasonably for the amount of content and quality of videos that are offered on this site. It has many categories which are divided based on different sports like handball, football, badminton, soccer, and many others. 

You can stream live sports events on this site along with recorded sessions too. You can also use the free version as in this version, you don’t have to create an account or register with your details on this platform. 

8. LAOLA 1


LAOLA 1 is one of the best sites where you can stream live sports. It provides various recordings of sports events too. If you’re a sports enthusiast but you miss out on watching live streams due to a busy schedule, this is the best platform for you. 

You can find recorded clips of various sports events on this site. It is the finest place for people who enjoy watching all sports on a single platform. Hence, there are many reasons to consider LAOLA 1 as a good alternative to BatmanStream. You can also watch the highlights of all live sports events and matches together. It offers live streaming options for all on-going sports across the world. 

These services are completely free, and you need not compromise with the content or quality. With the help of this, you can also enjoy your desired sports and their highlights. It is free to use platform with no registration requirements. 

9. Feed2all


Feed2all is a platform where you will find various channels for streaming live sports. It allows you to access all your desired channels without any subscription fee. It not only focuses on football or any particular sport but also has other sports channels. Feed2all works in collaboration with several sports streaming channels and live channels. 

Hence, you can stream without any interruptions. The homepage has a well-explained list of all ongoing and upcoming matches. All the streams which are offered on this platform are for streaming in HD for free. 

It not just offers a smooth streaming experience but also brings you live sports for free. It has separate categories for every sport and that’s what makes it easy for the users to use this platform. 

You don’t need to create an account to watch your favorite sports events and live streams on this site. This is a great advantage for people who don’t want to share their personal information on the web. 

10. Streamhunter


Streamhunter allows you to watch live streams of your favorite sports match. You can watch all ongoing sports tournaments in very high-quality visuals. This streaming site offers a lot of flexibility to the users. 

It has a lot of new features which allow you to browse and enjoy various live sports channels from anywhere you want. It is well-known for offering news based on live sports events along with other sports-related information. The site is equipped with a very simple interface, a search bar, and a vast catalog of the list of channels. 

No registration is required on this site and it is completely free. The catalog on this platform consists of various categories like cricket, boxing, handball, and others. There are separate categories for live sports and you can easily navigate to the category you want. If you’re looking for a good alternative to BatmanStream, you can consider this one without any second thought. 



1. Is BatmanStream legal and safe to use?

Whether BatmanStream is legal or not, hasn’t been declared yet. However, many debates behave taken place focusing on this issue. Mostly, it is believed to be illegal because of copyright issues. But, the other sect of users believes that it is legal. Talking about whether it is safe to use or not, you need not worry because it is completely safe to use. 

2. Are these BatmanStream alternatives ad-free?

BatmanStream itself has very few ads that don’t even bother the users. Similarly, the alternatives have very less ads and they don’t cause any disturbance to your streaming session. 

3. Do you need to use a VPN for accessing these websites?

You don’t need to use a VPN to access these websites. However, if you’re living in a country where these sites are blocked or prohibited, it is advised for you to use VPN to keep your IP address protected. 

4. Is BatmanStream free to use?

BatmanStream is completely free to use and you don’t need to spend money to stream sports events on this site. 


That’s all you should know about BatmanStream and its alternatives. The alternatives which are mentioned above are safe to use. You can find a plethora of sports events and live matches on this site. You don’t need to pay any money to use these sites and there is no need to create an account. You must try these platforms for an overwhelming experience of streaming live sports events and matches. You will find different types of sports on these platforms to browse endlessly and watch your desired sports matches live. Even if you miss the live events, you can watch the recorded clips.