AudioBookBay: Alternatives and Similar Sites in 2022 for Downloading Audiobooks

Not everyone likes reading physical books in this digital era. Some prefer sticking to modern technologies, especially with audiobooks. They are convenient, interactive, and almost make you feel like you are listening to someone narrating a story to you. Well, that’s pretty much what an audiobook is.

However, most of the audiobook websites that you come across online charge a hefty monthly subscription fee for access to their exclusive content. While the payments might be a justified inclusion, not everyone would be able to or want to pay for them.

That’s where AudioBookBay comes into the picture. It is a free website that allows you to download audiobooks and eBooks without any extra charges. You can also find the latest releases of trending books from renowned authors.

Since the website is often under the brunt of legalities, don’t be surprised if it’s banned or restricted where you live. In such cases, we’d recommend you check out the alternatives we have sorted out for you.

1. Audible


Before you make an objection saying that Audible isn’t a free platform, hear us out. Yes, it isn’t a free platform by any means. But, you do get access to a vast majority of amazing books and novels that are available across Amazon. You can comfortably listen to an audiobook in clear and crisp audio without any distortions when you use Audible.

The best thing about this website is its availability of a 30-day free trial. With this, you can enjoy a free dose of audiobooks for the first month. In case it doesn’t suit your liking, there is always an option to discontinue your subscription at any point. Overall, the user interface and availability of audiobooks are immaculate on Audible.

2. ThoughtAudio


If you are one of those people that are on the hunt for some classic literary pieces, ThoughtAudio is the one for you. Not only is it accessible, but the website is also filled with unique audiobooks that you wouldn’t come across on most of the free websites like AudioBookBay. They have a diverse range of categories on the website that enable you to navigate through the library and find one that catches your eye.

The best thing about this website is the user experience. You can sort out the list of books you have downloaded based on dates, launch dates, etc. This keeps all your options sorted and in a single place so you don’t have to scour around trying to look for the book.

3. Loyal Books

Loyal Books

Just like its name, Loyal Books is one of those underrated alternatives of AudioBookBay that you normally wouldn’t come across easily. It’s a free website with over 25,000 audiobooks, ebooks, and the whole shazam, all packed into one place.

The entire website’s content is sorted out into categories and genres like kids, fantasy, fiction, superheroes, comics, etc. You can scroll through the categories and check which book you’d want to listen to or read and then download it accordingly. The website doesn’t require you to register or sign up, which is a positive thing as well.

4. ExtraTorrent


You might be sitting here confused as to why we are recommending a torrenting website as an alternative to AudioBookBay, right? Well, that’s the specialty of Extra Torrent. The website is an all-in-one, wherein you can leverage it to not just look up movies and TV shows but audiobooks as well.

Besides audiobooks, the website also has links to trending podcasts that users can binge-watch. Using the torrent file that you acquire from this website can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t have preconceived knowledge about torrenting and how to find the working links on the client websites. However, once you get the hang of it, downloading audiobooks would be a breeze.

5. Storynory


More than adults, Storynory is a free audiobook website that caters to the interest of children. Most of the available stories and audiobooks that are available on this website are targeted toward children of varying age groups. From poems to picture books and novels, there are a lot of amazing options to choose from and download.

The best part of this website is the simple UI. Nothing is complicated and navigating through the website is a walk in the park. Not once you will have to compromise on the quality of the audiobooks or ebooks that you download from the website. Also, besides the web version, the site is equally functional on mobile.

6. Overdrive


Do you want to have a premium audiobook and ebook downloading experience without paying the price? If you answered yes, you are going to love using overdrive. The website is one of a kind and is one of the most appealing alternatives to AudioBookBay. There are distinct compilations and then you have some of the most unique and exclusive audiobooks that you won’t find elsewhere.

The website version is quite accessible but if you are used to listening to your audiobooks on the mobile, they have a separate app for Android and iOS. Also, the app has an interactive media player and e-book reader which you can use to read or listen to the book that you just downloaded.

7. LibriVox


Popular for hosting free public domain audiobooks, LibriVox is like a huge library but for audiobooks. Everything that’s more or less available across the internet in terms of audiobooks can be found and accessed on the website. With over 8000 different titles and categories available, the availability of content on this website is never-ending.

Besides the ease of availability of the audiobooks, another factor that stands out is the quality of the content. From different dialects to supporting different language content, the website has it all without charging you a single dime for it. There is a premium version to this website, which you have to pay for. There is certain exclusive content that’s not available in the free version.

8. LearnOutLoud


If the name of the website wasn’t a giveaway, LearnOutLoud allows you to enjoy audiobooks for free. The website has a variety of available content, including speeches, documentaries, and novels that you can download and listen to. The quality of the audio is quite clear and easy to distinguish and understand.

You can find a lot of amazing categories of the audiobook on this website, making it easier for you to navigate through the list of options and then find the options that best pique your interest. You might have to sign up to the website if you want to access some of the locked content but it’s not something that will break your bank.

9. Free Classic Audio Books

Free Classic Audio Books

If the name wasn’t a complete giveaway, Free Classic Audio Books contain a permissible library of free and accessible audiobooks that you can download and listen to without needing to pay a single penny for it. From fantasy to fiction, the availability of content on this website is quite diverse. You can find a lot of different options from popular authors to listen to.

However, with everything you have to compromise on certain aspects. With this website, you won’t be able to download all the audiobooks at once. You will either have to clear and stream the audiobook on their website or you’d have to download them one by one or in smaller batches.

10. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

Looking at the name of the website, you might think we are talking about a secret mission project but that’s not the case at all. Project Gutenberg is a popular audiobook website, much like AudioBookBay. With close to 60,000 audiobooks on the website already, the website is one of the most popular options you will come across on the internet.

From classic novels to the latest releases, you can find a diversity of content available on this website. Also, the homepage is quite organized and allows you to scroll through the individual categories to find enticing content that you can stream to your heart’s desire.

11. Open Culture

Open Culture

Next up on the list of AudioBookBay alternatives is Open Culture. The website has been around for quite some time now, so you are likely missing out if you didn’t know about it. The highlight of this website is its accessibility. From easy search options to navigation, you can get through a range of amazing audiobooks and movies, and ebooks and download them to your device without any complications.

The website does have a paid and premium version to it but its free audiobook section is equally enticing. Also, the content library on the website is updated regularly, which is a reason enough for you to never get bored with what’s already published and available.

12. Audiobook Sync

Audiobook Sync

This is another well-rounded and versatile audiobook website that you won’t regret using instead of AudioBookBay. The available content on both websites is quite similar, which is a reason enough for you to try out this website if you aren’t willing to pay extra subscription fees for the audiobooks.

SYNC is funded through the Audiofile Magazine, so you’d have to access their website via their parent website. More than fiction or novels, it contains educational materials that students will be super appreciative of. The categories of content are also quite amazing and definitely worth the time, money, and hassle.

13. Audiobooks.Clouds


Audiobooks.Clouds is one of the few free audiobooks downloading websites that you can use to download and listen to audiobooks using direct torrent links. There is a need for torrenting software to be able to successfully download from the links, so that can be a hassle for some users.

That aside, the rich library of audiobooks on this website is quite impressive and a lot more extensive than most of the other free audiobook websites on the internet. Just ensure that you have good internet connectivity for a seamless download and listening experience.

14. Lit2Go


For users who are particularly looking for good-quality audiobooks that contain poems and tales from classic literature, Lit2Go is no doubt one of the absolute best websites to look into. Every audiobook available from this website is well formulated and modulated, allowing you to enjoy some peace of mind all around.

Everything is available for free, so you won’t have to worry about paying out of your pocket for the content that you are downloading. Just ensure that you have a good internet speed since downloads can take forever to happen.

15. Spotify


Before you think we have gone crazy, let us preface this for you. Audiobooks are quite fun and they are available on Spotify for you to listen to. There are podcasts as well that are available for free. The ads can be a little frustrating but nothing you can’t work through.

However, we’d highly recommend that you look into purchasing the premium version if you don’t enjoy ads and want to be able to download the audiobooks as well.



1. Is AudioBookBay a free website?

AudioBookBay is a 100% free website that allows you to download audiobooks, ebooks, and novels for you to listen to on the go.

2. Does AudioBookBay require registration?

No, users can directly scroll through the website, find the audiobooks they wish to purchase, and go ahead with the download process.

3. Is AudioBookBay a safe website?

Despite the legalities and other issues with the website, AudiobookBay is safe and doesn’t contain any kind of malicious threat or malware that could infect your system. You can comfortably download any audiobook that catches your attention.


With so many different types of alternatives for AudioBookBay available on the internet, choosing one can be a challenge. We hope that this article gives you a clear idea about some of the best picks that you can indulge in, especially if you aren’t that familiar with free audiobook downloading websites. Just ensure that you keep a check on the internet connectivity since most of these websites allow direct downloads for offline listening later.